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Charles G. Finney Sermon Collection [cgfSermons] 1.0
Over 100 sermons, 3 volumes.

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001. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
002. The Eyes Opened to the Law of God
003. Hardness of Heart
004. Fearing the Lord and Walking in Darkness
005. Christian Witnesses for God
006. Weights and Besetting Sins
007. The Old Man and the New
008. The Sin of Fretfulness
009. Seeking the Kingdom of God First
010. Rejoicing in Boastings
011. The Folly of Refusing to Be Saved
012. The Church Bound to Convert the World
013. Governing the Tongue
014. Dependence on Christ
015. Coming Up Through Great Tribulation
016. Having a Good Conscience
017. On the Lord's Supper
018. Responsibility of Hearing the Gospel
019. The Rule By Which the Guilt of Sin Is Estimated
020. God Manifesting Himself to Moses
021. Forfeiting Birth-right Blessings
022. The Blessedness of Enduring Temptation
023. Coming to the Waters of Life
024. Afflictions of the Righteous and the Wicked Contrasted
025. On Becoming Acquainted With God
026. Substitution
027. Refuges of Lies
028. Pride of Heart Deceives
029. The Excuses of Sinners
030. The Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of True Christianity
031. The Self-hardening Sinner's Doom
032. Receiving Honor From Men and Not From God
033. The Peace of God Ruling in the Christian's Heart
034. Judicial Blindness
035. Jesus, a Savior From Sinning
036. God's Anger Against the Wicked
037. God Not Pleased With the Death of the Wicked
038. Evil Thinking
039. The Death of Saints Precious
040. The Foundation, Conditions, and Relations of Faith
041. The Wicked Heart Set to Do Evil
042. Valedictory Services
043. The Loss When a Soul Is Lost
044. Jesus Christ Doing Good
045. Awaking From the Sleep of Spiritual Death
046. The Fearful Results of a Spiritual Relapse
047. Paul and Felix; or Preaching and Procrastination
048. Guilt Modified By Ignorance
049. Election and Reprobation
050. Christ Tempted, Suffering, and Able to Succor the Tempted
051. The Child-like Spirit an Essential Condition of Entering Heaven
052. All Things Conspire for Evil to the Sinner
053. All Things for Good to Those That Love God
054. The Sinner's Excuses Answered
055. The Rich Man and Lazarus
056. Losing One's First Love
057. Jehovah's Appeal to Sinners and Backsliders
058. God's Love for a Sinning World
059. Where Sin Occurs God Cannot Wisely Prevent It
060. The Wants of Man and Their Supply
061. Variety in the Service Offered to God
062. The Ways of Sin Hard; of Holiness, Pleasant
063. On Quenching the Spirit
064. What Men Highly Esteem, God Abhors
065. The Indications and the Guilt of Backsliding
066. God's Commandments Not Grievous
067. The Christian's Genuine Hope
068. On Neglecting Salvation
069. Losing First Love
070. On Injustice to Character
071. God Has No Pleasure in the Sinner's Death
072. God's Goodness Toward Men Basely Requited
073. On Being Almost Persuaded to Be Christians
074. Adorning the Doctrine of God Our Savior
075. God's Love for a Sinning World
076. On Trusting in the Mercy of God
077. The Wages of Sin
078. The Savior Lifted Up, and the Look of Faith
079. The Excuses of Sinners Condemn God
080. The Sinner's Excuses Answered
081. Moral Insanity
082. Conditions of Being Saved
083. The Sinner's Natural Power and Moral Weakness
084. On the Atonement
085. Where Sin Occurs God Cannot Wisely Prevent It
086. The Inner and the Outer Revelation
087. Quenching the Spirit
088. The Spirit Not Striving Always
089. Christ Our Advocate
090. God's Love Commended to Us
091. Prayer and Labor for the Gathering of the Great Harvest
092. Converting Sinners a Christian Duty
093. Men Often Highly Esteem What God Abhors
094. Victory Over the World Through Faith
095. Death to Sin Through Christ
096. The Essential Elements of Christian Experience
097. Breaking Up the Fallow Ground
098. Men Invited to Reason Together With God
099. Salvation Difficult to the Christian, Impossible to the Sinner
100. The Salvation of Sinners Impossible
101. Any One Form of Sin Persisted in Is Fatal to the Soul
102. The Wrath of God Against Those Who Withstand His Truth
103. On Believing With the Heart
104. On Being Holy
105. On Self Denial
106. On Following Christ
107. Conditions of Prevailing Prayer
108. An Approving Heart Confidence in Prayer
109. On Praying Always
110. On Prayer for the Holy Spirit
111. Afflictions of the Righteous and the Wicked Contrasted

"And he said unto them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." — Lu 9:23.

IN order to understand this solemn declaration of our Lord, the first important point to be ascertained is this, What is the true idea of taking up the cross and denying one's self?

This question presupposes the existence of appetites and propensities which call for indulgence, and then it means, obviously, that in some cases this indulgence must be refused. This is the precise point of the text; a man who will follow Christ must deny himself in the sense of denying the gratification of all appetites and propensities whenever and how far so- ever such gratifications are forbidden by the law of benevolence. All impulses towards self-indulgence, whether in the line of avoiding things we fear or seeking things we love, must be denied, and ruled down by a determined will, whenever indulgence is not demanded, but is forbidden by the law of love. Within the limits of God's law, these constitutional appetites may be indulged; beyond those limits, they must be denied. At whatever point they run counter to the law of love to God or love to man, they must be put down.

The thing demanded, therefore, by this law of Christ's kingdom is that you consult and obey the will of Christ in this whole matter of self-indulgence; that you obey neither desire nor appetite; that you never gratify your love of approbation; never seek any forms of personal enjoyment in disobedience to Christ. You must never do this where duty is known, lest you displease God, for plainly He has rightful control over all your powers.

Under this principle you must do all your duty to your fellowmen; whether to their bodies or to their souls, denying all those worldly desires and propensities which would conflict with this duty, making Jesus Christ Himself your model and his expressed will your perpetual rule.

The question will arise in many minds, Why does Christ demand of us self-denial? .....
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