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A Christian View of God and the World [OrrCVGW] 1.0
by James Orr

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A Christian View of God and the World
Third Edition, 1897.
by James Orr (1844-1913)

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Module contents:

Preface To Third Edition.
Lecture I. The Christian View of the World in General.
Appendix to Lecture I. Sketch of the Christian View.
Lecture II. The Christian View And Its Alternatives.
Appendix to Lecture II. The Pessimism Of Scepticism.
Lecture III. The Theistic Postulate Of The Christian View.
Appendix to Lecture III. God As Religious Postulate.
Lecture IV. The Postulate of the Christian View of the World In Regard To Nature And Man.
Lecture V. The Postulate Of The Christian View In Regard To The Sin And Discord Of The World.
Appendix to Lecture V. The Old Testament Doctrine Of Immortality.
Lecture VI. The Central Assertion Of The Christian View—The Incarnation Of God In Christ.
Appendix to Lecture VI. The Self-Consciousness Of Jesus.
Lecture VII. The Higher Concept Of God Involved In The Incarnation—The Incarnation and The Plan Of The World.
Lecture VIII. The Incarnation And Redemption From Sin.
IX. The Incarnation And Human Destiny.
Appendix. The Idea Of The Kingdom Of God.
Lecture I—Notes.
Lecture II.—Notes. The Central Place Of Christ In His Religion.
Lecture III.—Notes.
Lecture IV.—Notes.
Lecture V.—Notes.
Lecture VI.—Notes.
Lecture VII.—Notes.
Lecture VIII. Note A. P. 299. The Germ Theory of Justification.
Lecture IX.—Notes. Renan’s Eschatology.
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