• The SwordSearcher module repository on this forum contains listings and downloads of Bible study material for use with SwordSearcher Bible Software. To use the downloads on this site, you must have SwordSearcher installed on your computer, and you need to log in to the forum.
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About SwordSearcher Modules on this Forum [INFO]
Explanation of the forum module list and repository.

SwordSearcher Bible Software library content, such as Bibles, Books, and Commentaries, are stored in files called "modules." So, a SwordSearcher module is typically a Bible, Book, Dictionary, or Commentary for SwordSearcher Bible Software.

The Module Repository contains many modules for SwordSearcher users to add to their SwordSearcher library. For completeness, modules that come included with the SwordSearcher Deluxe library are also listed.

This module repository on this form includes free add-on modules from me, modules submitted by other SwordSearcher users, and also lists "third-party" modules available from other publishers for a fee.

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Click here to list modules that are included in the SwordSearcher library
(also see the main SwordSearcher web site listing).

Click here to list "free add-on" modules that I have provided that you can download here.

Click here to list "user-submitted" modules that you can download here, provided by other SwordSearcher users.

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