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Big Picture Bible Study Materials 1.4
A Series of Mindmaps, Tables, Charts, and Reference Materials

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BPS101 coordinates with a module called TreeBP. You should download the TreeBP module and unzip it to the SwordSeacher User Directory. It add "tree searches" for all the word clouds to the main menu. The latest version of BPS101 should show 2013-2023 on the main page. See diagram below. You may want to download BPS101 again if the date says 2013-2022. The same BPS101 download link has been updated as of today (3/21/23)
Updated some content and fixed broken download link for v.1.3
Fixed a condition in the One on One Discipleship Lessons where the image text might appear fuzzy. This could happen if the background color of the the book panel was something other than white.

Made some other small improvements.

Unzip the contents (1 folder and one file) to the SwordSearcher User Modules directory in your documents folder. You may be asked to replace existing files. Choose yes.