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User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials 1.3
A Series of Mindmaps, Tables, Charts, and Reference Materials

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Johnny NL

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👍 Yep ! ! ! That's really good. Thank you for this study/module. It is wonderfully created..... let me poor myself a cup of coffee,☕📚 and dig in !.
Thank you Sir.(wsbones)

Johnny NL

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As for right now, all seems to be rollin' smooth.....


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Using Word Trees instead of searching:
If this seems to complicated just ignore this post.

Here's a link to an identical module to BPT101 except it uses Word Trees instead of searches. If you want to try it, download and unzip it into the Swordsearcher user directory.

Here is the link -!AhxvuvB-C1YHhoBuPQPKVB89VKcWdA

It will create another module BPT101.SS5book and another asset folder called BPT101-Assets. This will be about 51 megabytes in size and is identical to BPS101-Assets. If you want to save space on the disk drive, you can delete one of these folders and rename the remaining folder appropriately for the module you want to use. Don’t rename it while Swordsearcher is running.

A caveat:

All of the word trees for word clouds and word lists will work, but a some of the phrase trees will not work due to punctuation.
This is because word trees consider punctuation, but regular searches ignore punctuation. Here's an example using the new module, BPT101:

1. Click on Words, Clouds, and Trees in the main menu. This is the first topic (_index.html) in the dropdown selector. It should be the default when you first open the book tab.

2. In the bookcase picture click on Genesis

3. In the result click on Go to Three Word Phrases

4. Scroll down to the phrase, 32 years and begat, and click it.

5. You will see the message, "YEARS AND BEGAT" does not appear in Genesis (KJV). This is because the tree tool would need to look for
YEARS, AND BEGAT to produce a result.

6. Now close the word tree and click the first phrase, 93 the land of. It will produce a word tree.

You can use one of these modules that you prefer and delete the other, or keep both if space is not critical.

Johnny NL

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This is awesome, and so great.... thank you Sir..... diggin' it now !

Johnny NL

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Space is NO problem...lolll
Just got myself a 4TB Passport WD.
It is really enjoyable.