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Free Add-on Charles G. Finney Sermon Collection [cgfSermons] 1.0
Over 100 sermons, 3 volumes.

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Brandon Staggs

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Brandon Staggs submitted a new resource:

Charles G. Finney Sermon Collection [cgfSermons] - Over 100 sermons, 3 volumes.

001. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
002. The Eyes Opened to the Law of God
003. Hardness of Heart
004. Fearing the Lord and Walking in Darkness
005. Christian Witnesses for God
006. Weights and Besetting Sins
007. The Old Man and the New
008. The Sin of Fretfulness
009. Seeking the Kingdom of God First
010. Rejoicing in Boastings
011. The Folly of Refusing to Be Saved
012. The Church Bound to Convert the World
013. Governing the Tongue
014. Dependence on Christ

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