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Christians Grow Old 2015-10-28
The elderly Christian within the family and the church: A biblical study

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In recent years there has been a healthy emphasis by Christians on the biblical concept of the family. A welcome concern has been shown in this important matter. The upbringing of children and the responsibilities of Christian parents have received much attention. All this is good. However I feel that one aspect, at least, of this matter of the family has been rather neglected. It is this that I wish to examine, albeit briefly, in this booklet. I refer to the subject of old age. I wish to write a few words on the teaching of the Bible, not concerning young people for once, but concerning the elderly. The Bible is not silent on the special problems and opportunities of old age. God draws our attention to the matter in his word, first by recording for us the experiences of the aged, and secondly by direct instruction on the subject. Just as the gospel can be adorned by the spiritual and faithful upbringing of children in the fear, nurture and admonition of God, so it can be adorned by a spiritual and dignified attitude to old age. Likewise, just as a worldly attitude in the relationship between parents and their children can so easily (and so frequently) mar the testimony of the gospel, so it is possible to harm the gospel profession in old age, by unbiblical attitudes.
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