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The Pastor:Does He Exist? by David H.J. Gay

The Pastor:Does He Exist? by David H.J. Gay 1.0
In this book, the words David Gay has in mind are 'pastor,' 'minister', 'clergy'.

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News headline: ‘Humpty Dumpty Strikes Again!’. What’s that? ‘Humpty
Dumpty Strikes Again – in the Church!’. Let me re-phrase it: 'Believers
Sustain Big Losses by Changing the Meaning of Bible Words'.
Alice was confused. Humpty Dumpty explained: ‘When I use a word’, he
said, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean; neither more nor less’.
Ah, that makes it clear!
Does it?
When Humpty Dumpty gets to work on a Bible word, trouble always follows
– and with a capital ‘T’. Sad to say, Humpty Dumpty has been very busy
these past two thousand years, and many Bible words have suffered at his
hand. Much harm has resulted.
In this book, the words David Gay has in mind are 'pastor,' 'minister', 'clergy'
and 'ordain'. Good Bible words, all of them. But did you realise that the
overwhelming majority of Christians don’t use these Bible words the way
the Bible does? Rather, they use them the way Humpty Dumpty invented for
Oh, Humpty Dumpty didn’t do it himself. No. He used some very learnèd
and clever gentlemen to do the job for him – the Fathers. And a proper
thorough job they made of it, too. Moreover, their followers are still at it.
Indeed, many who ought to know better are driving headlong back to the
Fathers. Yes, they are!
What did the Fathers do? Why did they do it? And where have we ended
up? What have we lost? Who is carrying on their work to this very day?
Why not read David Gay’s book and find out? Why not find out if Humpty
Dumpty has misled you? Why not find out if he has robbed you of some
biblical truths and practices?
Ace Staggs
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