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Christ's Incarnation (Spurgeon) [chsChrist] 1.0
Christ's Incarnation: The Foundation of Christianity

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01. The Angels' Song, Its Opening Note
02. The Angels' Song, the Added Stanza
03. The Angels' Song, Its Final Note
04. The Name of Jesus, God Given
05. The Name of Jesus, Prized By His People
06. The Name of Jesus, Common, Yet Unique
07. The Name of Jesus Indicates His Work
08. Christ's Incarnation, At the Right Time
09. Christ's Incarnation, a Quietus to Fear
10. Christ's Incarnation, — Joyous and Personal
11. Christ's Incarnation, the Wonder of Angels
12. Christ's Incarnation, the Marvel of Mortals
13. Emmanuel, God With Us
14. God With Us, Unparalleled Condescension
15. God With Us, the Mystery of Mysteries
16. God With Us, — Bridging the Great Gulf
17. God With Us Under All Conditions
18. The God-man, Christ Jesus
19. The God-man,-a Miracle of Power and Love
20. All Fullness in the God-man
21. Christ Incarnate, — His Knowledge of Sin
22. Christ Incarnate, — the Sinner's Only Hope
23. Christ Incarnate, — the Pledge of Deliverance
24. The Incarnation, — the Heart of the Gospel
25. The Incarnation, and Our Sonship
26. The Incarnation, — Its Glory
27. The Wise Men and the Incarnation
28. The Wise Men, — What They Teach Us
29. The Incarnation, the Cause of Trouble
30. The Incarnation, Also a Source of Joy
31. The Incarnation, According to Prophecy
32. Christ's Poverty, Our Riches
33. Christ's Body Divinely Prepared
34. Jesus Christ, His Own Herald
35. Jesus Christ, Full of Grace and Truth
36. Christ's Fullness Received By His People
37. Room for Christ Jesus
38. Christ's Two Appearings

"GLORY to God in the highest." The instructive lesson to be learned from this opening note of the angels' song is, that salvation is God's highest glory. He is glorified in every dewdrop that twinkles in the morning sunshine. He is magnified in every wood flower that blossoms in the copse, although it is born to blush unseen of man, and may seem to waste its sweetness on the forest air. God is glorified in every bird that warbles on the trees, and in every lamb that skips in the meadows. Do not the fishes in the sea praise Him? From the tiny minnow to the huge leviathan, do not all creatures that swim in the waters laud and magnify His great Name? Do not all created things extol Him? Is there aught beneath the sky, save man, that doth not glorify God? Do not the stars exalt Him, when they write His Name in golden letters upon the azure of heaven? Do not the lightnings adore Him when they flash His brightness in arrows of light piercing the midnight darkness? Do not the thunderpeals extol Him when they roll like drums in the march, of the God of armies? Do not all things that He hath made, from the least even to the greatest, exalt Him?

But sing, sing, O universe, till thou hast exhausted thyself, yet thou canst not chant an anthem so sweet as the song of Incarnation! Though Creation may be a majestic organ of praise, it cannot reach the compass of the golden canticle, Incarnation! There is more melody in Jesus in the manger than in the whole sublime oratorio of the Creation. There is more grandeur in the song that heralds the birth of the Babe of Bethlehem than there is in worlds on worlds rolling in silent grandeur around the throne of the Most High.

Pause, reader, for a minute, and consider this great truth. See how every one of the Divine attributes is here magnified. Lo, what wisdom is here! The Eternal becomes man in order that God may be just, and yet be the Justifier of him that believeth in Jesus. What power also is here, for where is power so great as when it concealeth itself? What power, that God should unrobe Himself for a while, and become man! Behold, too, what love is thus revealed to us when Jesus becomes a man; and what faithfulness! How many promises and prophecies are this day fulfilled!

How many solemn obligations are this hour discharged! Tell me one attribute of God that you say is not manifest in Jesus; and your ignorance shall be to me the reason why you have not seen it to be so. The whole of God is glorified in Christ; and though some part of the Name of God is written in the material universe, it is best read in Him who was the Son of man, and also the Son of God.
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