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Companion Bible Appendixes [CBApx] [Deluxe]
The Appendixes portion of Bullinger's Companion Bible.

See the complete description of the Companion Bible modules on the SwordSearcher web site.

Appendixes to the Companion Bibleby E. W. Bullinger, 1922.

198 Appendixes. These have been regarded as the most useful portion of the Companion Bible and have even been published separately from the whole book. These are frequently referenced in the annotations (conveniently linked in the SwordSearcher edition of the commentary). They include essays and information such as The Divine Names and Titles, The Posterity of Cain, The Pharaohs of Genesis and Exodus, Figures of Speech, etc. Thanks to SwordSearcher's unique Bible margin linking system, The Appendixes can instantly be accessed by verse reference, in addition to topics and index number.
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