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Creeds of Christendom (Schaff) [SchCreeds] 1.1
Creeds of Christendom, with a History and Critical notes, Philip Schaff (3 vols).

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Requires SwordSearcher 6.0 or later.

This module contains all three volumes. (The old SSModules set had each volume as a separate module.)

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Module contents:

1-00 Prefatory
1-01 Preface
1-02 Preface to the Second Edition
1-03 Preface to the Third Edition
1-04 Preface to the Fourth Edition
1-05 Preface to the Sixth Edition
1-06 [Original] Table of Contents
1-07 Additions to the Literature
1-08 Chapter 1. Of Creeds in General
1-09 Name and Definition
1-10 Origin of Creeds
1-11 Authority of Creeds
1-12 Value and Use of Creeds
1-13 Classification of Creeds
1-14 Chapter 2. The Œcumenical Creeds.
1-15 General Character of the Œcumenical Creeds.
1-16 The Apostles' Creed.
1-17 The Nicene Creed.
1-18 The Creed of Chalcedon.
1-19 The Athanasian Creed.
1-20 Chapter 3. Creeds of the Greek Church
1-21 The Seven Œcumenical Councils
1-22 The Confessions of Gennadius, A.D. 1453.
1-23 The Answers of the Patriarch Jeremiah to the Lutherans, A.D. 1576.
1-24 The Confession of Metrophanes Critopulus, A.D. 1626.
1-25 The Confession of Cyril Lucar, A.D. 1631.
1-26 The Orthodox Confession of Mogilas, A.D. 1643.
1-27 The Synod of Jerusalem, and the Confession of Dositheus, A.D. 1672.
1-28 The Synods of Constantinople, A.D. 1672 and 1691.
1-29 The Doctrinal Standards of the Russo-Greek Church.
1-30 Anglo-Catholic Correspondence with the Russo-Greek Church.
1-31 The Eastern Sects: Nestorians, Jacobites, Copts, Armenians.
1-32 Chapter 4. The Creeds of the Roman Church.
1-33 Catholicism and Romanism.
1-34 Standard Expositions of the Roman Catholic System.
1-35 The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, A.D. 1563.
1-36 The Profession of the Tridentine Faith, A.D. 1564.
1-37 The Roman Catechism, A.D. 1566.
1-38 The Papal Bulls Against the Jansenists, A.D. 1653, 1713.
1-39 The Papal Definition of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, A.D. 1854.
1-40 The Argument for the Immaculate Conception.
1-41 The Papal Syllabus, A.D. 1864.
1-42 The Vatican Council, A.D. 1864.
1-43 The Vatican Decrees. The Constitution of the Catholic Faith.
1-44 The Vatican Decrees, Continued. The Papal Infallibility Decree.
1-45 Papal Infallibility Explained, and Tested by Scripture and Tradition.
1-46 The Liturgical Standards of the Roman Church.
1-47 The Old Catholics.
1-48 Chapter 5. The Creeds of the Evangelical Churches.
1-49 The Reformation. Protestantism and Romanism.
1-50 The Evangelical Confessions of Faith.
1-51 The Lutheran and Reformed Confessions.
1-52 Chapter 6. The Creeds of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
1-53 The Lutheran Confessions.
1-54 The Augsburg Confession, 1530.
1-55 The Apology of the Augsburg Confession. A.D. 1530–1531.
1-56 Luther's Catechisms. A.D. 1529.
1-57 The Articles of Smalcald. A.D. 1537.
1-58 The Form of Concord. A.D. 1577.
1-59 The Form of Concord, Concluded.
1-60 Superseded Lutheran Symbols. The Saxon Confession. The Würtemberg Confession. 1551.
1-61 The Saxon Visitation Articles, A.D. 1592.
1-62 An Abortive Symbol against Syncretism, 1655.
1-63 Chapter 7. The Creeds of the Evangelical Reformed Churches
1-64 The Reformed Confessions.
1-65 I. Reformed Confessions of Switzerland.
1-66 The Reformed Confessions of France and the Netherlands.
1-67 III. Reformed Confessions of Germany.
1-68 The Reformed Confessions of Bohemia, Poland, and Hungary.
1-69 V. the Anglican Articles of Religion.
1-70 The Presbyterian Confessions of Scotland.
1-71 The Westminster Standards.
1-72 Chapter 8. The Creeds of Modern Evangelical Denominations.
1-73 General Survey.
1-74 The Congregationalists.
1-75 English Congregational Creeds.
1-76 American Congregational Creeds.
1-77 The Anabaptists and Mennonites.
1-78 The Regular or Calvinistic Baptists.
1-79 Arminian or Free-will Baptists.
1-80 The Society of Friends, or Quakers.
1-81 The Moravians.
1-82 Methodism.
1-83 Methodists Creeds.
1-84 Analysis of Arminian Methodism.
1-85 Calvinistic Methodism.
1-86 The Catholic Apostolic Church (Called Irvingites).
1-87 The Articles of the Evangelical Alliance.
1-88 The Consensus and Dissensus of Creeds.
1-89 The Disciples of Christ.
1-90 The Universalists.
1-91 The Unitarians.
2-00 Scripture Confessions
2-01 The Confession of Nathanael
2-02 The Confession of Peter
2-03 The Confession of Thomas.
2-04 The Baptismal Formula.
2-05 The Confession of the Eunuch.
2-06 One God and One Lord.
2-07 The Mystery of Godliness.
2-08 The Elementary Articles.
2-09 Other Allusions of Creeds.
2-10 Rules of Faith
2-11 Ante-Nicene and Nicene Rules of Faith and Baptismal Creeds.
2-12 Scripture Confessions
2-13 Symbola œcumenica.
2-14 Roman Creeds
2-15 IV. Roman Creeds.
2-16 Greek and Russian Creeds.
2-17 Greek and Russian Symbols.
2-18 The Orthodox Confession of the Eastern Church.
2-19 The Confession of Dositheus, or the Eighteen Decrees of the Synod of Jerusalem.
2-20 The Longer Catechism of the Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church.
2-21 Old Catholic Union Creeds.
2-22 The Fourteen Theses of the Old Catholic Union Conference at Bonn. A.D. 1874.
2-23 The Old Catholic Agreement on the Filioque Controversy. A.D. 1875.
2-24 Appendix I. Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII., Immortale Dei, conerning the Christian Constitution of Sates. Nov. 1, 1885.
2-25 Appendix II. Facsimiles of the Oldest MSS. of the Athanasian Creed and the Apostles' Creed.
2-26 Appendix III. The Bull of Boniface VIII., Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302.
2-27 Appendix IV. Leo XIII.'s bull, Apostolicæ cuaræ on Anglican Orders, 1896.
2-28 Appendix V. Leo XIII., 1899 and Pius X., 1907–10, on 'Americanism' and 'Modernism'
2-29 Appendix VI. Pius X.'s oath against 'Modernism.' 1910.
2-30 Appendix VII. Pius XI.'s Encyclical on Church Union, Mortalium animos, Jan. 6, 1928.
3-00 Original Table of Contents
3-01 Part First. The Creeds of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
3-02 The Augsburg Confession. A.D. 1530.
3-03 Luther's Small Catechism. A.D. 1529.
3-04 The Formula of Concord. A.D. 1576 (1584)
3-05 The Saxon Visitation Articles, A.D. 1592
3-06 Part Second. The Creeds of the Evangelical Reformed Churches.
3-07 The Sixty-seven Articles of Ulrich Zwingli, A.D. 1523.
3-08 The Ten Theses of Berne, A.D. 1528
3-09 The First Helvetic or Second Basle Confession, A.D. 1536.
3-10 The Second Helvetic Confession.
3-11 The Heidelberg Catechism. A.D. 1563.
3-12 The French Confession of Faith. A.D. 1559.
3-13 The Belgic Confession. A.D. 1561. Revised 1619.
3-14 The Scotch Confession of Faith. A.D. 1560.
3-15 The Second Scotch Confession, or the National Covenant. A.D. 1580.
3-16 The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion of the Church of England Published A.D. 1571.
3-17 The Anglican Catechism. A.D. 1549, 1662.
3-18 The Lambeth Articles. A.D. 1595.
3-19 The Irish Articles of Religion. A.D. 1615.
3-20 The five Arminian Articles. A.D. 1610.
3-21 The Canons of the Synod of Dort, A.D. 1619 and 1619.
3-22 The Westminster Confession of Faith, A.D. 1647.
3-23 The Westminster Shorter Catechism. A.D. 1647
3-24 Part Third. Modern Protestant Creeds.
3-25 Congregational Confessions.
3-26 Baptist Confessions.
3-27 Presbyterian Confessions.
3-28 The Confession of the Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers. A.D. 1675.
3-29 Easter Litany of the Moravian Church. A.D. 1749.
3-30 Methodist Articles of Religion. A.D. 1784.
3-31 Articles of Religion of the Reformed Episcopal Church in America. A.D. 1875.
3-32 The Doctrinal Basis of the Evangelical Alliance. A.D. 1846.
3-33 The Second Helvetic Confession in English.
3-34 Part Fourth. Recent Confessional Declarations and Terms of Corporate Church Union.
3-35 Part Fourth. Title Page.
3-36 I. Recent Confessional Declarations.
3-37 The Corporate Union of Church Bodies: Bases and Terms.
3-38 Proposals Looking Towards Church Unions.
3-39 Church Alliances and Federations of Churches

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