• The SwordSearcher module repository on this forum contains listings and downloads of Bible study material for use with SwordSearcher Bible Software. To use the downloads on this site, you must have SwordSearcher installed on your computer, and you need to log in to the forum.
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How to download and install modules from this forum [INFO]
It's easy!

See this post for an explanation of what SwordSearcher modules are.

Most modules on this website require SwordSearcher 5.0 or later. Some modules may require version 6 or later.

Most add-on modules can be downloaded by clicking the big "Download now" button at the top-right of the module listing. (You need to be logged into the forum.)

When you click the download button, do not click "Run" when your browser asks. Instead, click "Save."

  • If the module download has an executable installer it will download with an extension ".exe" and you will need to run it after you save it. Most modules do not have or need an installer; the ones that do typically come with images that need to be placed in specific locations and the installer will handle this for you.
  • If the module download is a zip file with the extension ".zip", you will need to open the zip file after you download it (all recent versions of Windows can open zip files) and then copy the included files into your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder.
  • If the module file download is not an installer and not a zip file, it will have one of the following extensions, and you should move the file into your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder:
    • .ss5cmty, .ss6cmty, .ss7cmty, .ss8cmty
    • .ss5book, .ss6book, .ss7book, .ss8book
    • .ss5bible, .ss6bible, .ss7bible, .ss8bible
If you are using SwordSearcher 7.0 or later, you can create a new folder for modules that you download anywhere on your hard drive, and add it to the module file locations tab under File, Preferences and Settings. This is a good way to organize your module files so that your own personal modules are not mixed with add-ons you have downloaded.

I strongly recommend against moving module files into your Program Files subfolder. The only modules that need to be in that location will come as installers.

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