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King James 2000 [KJ2000] [Deluxe]
An attempt at language modernization by Robert Couric.

The King James 2000, Copyright 2001 by Robert A. Couric.

Used with permission.

Editor of the King James 2000 was the late Robert A. Couric, Doctor of Theology and Professor of Bible at Mid-Continent University in Mayfield, Kentucky.

"The intent of King James 2000 is to keep every KJV word the same, unless a misunderstanding or a gross word order "error" (in today's usage) must be averted. All punctuation is left the same, including omission of quotation marks, in order to keep the rhythm and pattern of KJV memorization intact."​

More information here: http://life-equals-jesus.org/Couric/KJ2Khome.html

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