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King James Version Minimal [KJVm] 1.1
The KJV SwordSearcher Module with pre- and post-scripts and omitted.

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King James Version Minimal

This edition of the KJV conforms to the text of the King James Bible printed by Cambridge University Press, from c.1900 to c.1980, except that the footnotes and pre- and post- scripts have been omitted.

Unlike the normal KJV SwordSearcher module, this text does not contain footnotes or pre- and post-script text for verses (such as titles in the Psalms or "Written to the Romans from Corinthus..." from Romans, etc.). Otherwise it is the exact same text as the normal KJV module. (Including red-lettering and italics.)

The purpose of this module is to facilitate searches that do not include matches in pre- and post-scripts.

SwordSearcher Tab: Bibles > KJVm

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