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Shadows of Good Things (The Gospel in Type) [GType] 1.0
by Byrum, Russell R.

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Shadows of Good Things (The Gospel in Type)
by Byrum, Russell R. (1922)

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Module Contents:

0.01 Preface
1.00 The Gospel According to Moses
1.01 The Mosaic Rites Were Typical
1.02 Types Deserve Our Study
2.00 Nature and Interpretation of Types
2.01 Classes of Bible Symbols
2.02 Nature of Types
2.03 Interpretation of Types
3.00 The Tabernacle and Its Furniture
3.01 Its Names
3.02 General View of the Tabernacle
3.03 What the Tabernacle Typified
3.04 The Court
3.05 The Brazen Altar
3.06 The Laver
3.07 The Sanctuary
3.08 The Golden Candlestick
3.09 The Table of Shewbread
3.10 The Golden Altar
3.11 The Ark and the Mercy Seat
3.12 The Antitypical Holy of Holies
4.00 The Aaronic Priesthood
4.01 The Levitical Priesthood
4.02 Aaron and Melchisedec
4.03 The Antitype of the Priesthood
4.04 The "Golden Garments" of Aaron
4.05 The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons
5.00 The Offerings at the Altar
5.01 Sacrifices by Blood
5.02 Inefficiency of Animal Sacrifices
5.03 The Antitypical Sacrifice for Sin
5.04 Classes and Quality of Sacrifices
5.05 The Burnt Offering
5.06 The Meat Offering
5.07 The Peace Offering
5.08 The Sin Offering
5.09 The Trespass Offeringing
6.00 The Sacred Seasons
6.01 The Sabbath
6.02 The Passover and Unleavened Bread
6.03 Feast of First fruits and Pentecost
6.04 Feast of Trumpets
6.05 Day of Atonement
6.06 Feast of Tabernacles
6.07 Jubilee and the Sabbatical Year
7.00 Other Ritual Types
7.01 Clean and Unclean Meats
7.02 Defilement of Childbirth and Issues
7.03 Leprosy and Its Cleansing
7.04 The Nazarite
8.00 Historical Types
8.01 Examples of Historical Types
8.02 Journey from Egypt to Canaan
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