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The Second Coming of Christ (Larkin) [LarkinSCC] 1.0
by Clarence Larkin, 1922. Includes all 26 charts and illustrations.

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The Second Coming of Christ
by Clarence Larkin, 1922. Includes all 26 charts and illustrations.

(The installer makes reference to SwordSearcher 5. It will also install properly for SwordSearcher 6 and 7; no worries!)

SwordSearcher tab: Books > LarkinSCC

Foreword by the author:
Having been solicited on numerous occasions by friends who love the "BLESSED HOPE" to prepare a small comprehensive pamphlet on the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST illustrated with a few simple charts for the information of those who may desire to know about the Lord's Return, the Author has prepared this little booklet and sends it forth on its mission praying that God will richly bless its testimony.​
Module contents:
00 Foreword
01 The Second Coming of Christ
02 The Transfiguration
03 The Spirit World
04 The Resurrections
05 The Imminency of the Second Coming
06 The History of the Doctrine
07 The Church Versus the Kingdom
08 Is the World to be Converted Before Christ Comes
09 The Signs of the Times
10 He Shall Come
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