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Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (original, smaller version) [oTSK] 1.0
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, original edition (without amendments)

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This is a version of the TSK module without the reciprocal references from the official module.
Starting with version 6.1, SwordSearcher includes the Expanded Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. (See link for details.)
This "original" TSK module omits the additions in the official SwordSearcher Deluxe TSK module. There is no need to download this module to get the TSK. We highly recommend the TSK module included in the official SwordSearcher Deluxe library. This module is provided as an add-on for those who specifically want a version of the TSK without the reciprocal cross-references. This module includes approximately 500,000 fewer cross-references than the official TSK module.
SwordSearcher tab: Commentaries > oTSK