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Words of Counsel for Christian Workers (Spurgeon) [chsWOCFCW] 1.0
For those who labor for the Lord.

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01. An Earnest Man
02. Angels Visit Sodom
03. Workers Who are Successful
04. Giants and Dwarfs
05. Obedience
06. Only Be Thou Strong and Very Courageous
07. According to Your Faith
08. The Kind of Laborers Wanted
09. A Young Convert and Successful Worker
10. With Good Will Doing Good Service
11. A Great Leader and Good Soldiers
12. In the Sunday School
13. Hard Work and Its Reward
14. Workers Reading to Profit
15. The Harvest Truly Is Plenteous
16. Save the Children
17. Saving a Soul From Death
18. Restoring Those Who Have Erred
19. The Weeping Sower
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