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  2. djmarko53

    Modules by djmarko53

    I have posted three new modules by Robert Haldane and his brother James Haldane. They are: 1. Romans (revised) Robert Haldane 2. Galatians by James A. Haldane 3. Hebrews by James A. Haldane Download them from the link that is under my name below... Mark
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    Ten Ideas

    First, I want to say thanks for making the program. It's is very helpful. Here are my ideas. Some might already be part of the program. 1. Bible Audio With Text Video. Included Microsoft Fonts. Example. Large Scrolling Text while the verses are being read out loud. 2. Android and...
  4. J

    American King James Version

    Has there been any consideration to add the American King James Version to SwordSearcher? According to the online version it has been placed in the public domain since 1999.
  5. J

    Creating Bible Module with Forge

    Does anyone have a "blank .txt template" from Genesis - Revelation in the 'following format' that can be used to make Bible Modules using Forge. $$ Mt 3:1 $$ Mt 3:2 $$ Mt 3:3 $$ Mt 3:4 $$ Mt 3:5 $$ Mt 3:6 $$ Mt 3:7 $$ Mt 3:8 $$ Mt 3:9 $$ Mt 3:10 $$ Mt 3:11 $$ Mt 3:12 $$ Mt 3:13 $$...