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First, I want to say thanks for making the program. It's is very helpful.

Here are my ideas. Some might already be part of the program.

1. Bible Audio With Text Video. Included Microsoft Fonts. Example. Large Scrolling Text while the verses are being read out loud.

2. Android and Apple Smart Phone Access. With touch Screen controls.

3. Audio Voice Recognition. Example: I would Say to the program find this. "For All Have Sinned" Then the program
lists those verses

4. All The KJV-TSK verses to saved to file. Example: I want to save all the cross references from Genesis to file
without clicking all the links. The references would get listed. Gensis 1:1 - then all the cross verses listed below that
verse. Genesis 1:2 all the Kjv - TSK verses listed under it. All the way through Genesis and saved to file like notepad.
I think this would be very helpful. Basically saving the cross references to file for each Book of the Bible; with a couple of clicks.

5. Black Background option. Or even different background colors.

6. Maybe some of the tutorial videos included in the program menu. Without having to go to the web.

7. Different Audio Speed. Ways to slow down the Audio.
Example Alexander Scourby sometimes talks to fast.

8. Integrated Computer voice for reading the text out loud. It could read any of the text out loud. So the Microsoft voice or something like it could even
read the commentaries or dictionary text.

9. This idea might be more for the future. Possible to integrate the style pens for writing on the screen with the program.
So I could write my notes on the screen with a style pen and the program would save them.

10. Save to video file. I think this would be a neat. Let's say I want to make a video using the Bible verses. I could
Select the verses, and the program would save the selection as a video file. Included options: font size,
text speed, and option for a program voice to read the verse in the the exported video.

Well those are some of my ideas. Thanks again for making the program. God Bless
Number 5 is available now - go to File, Preferences and Settings, Fonts and Colors. You can even set colors and fonts for the individual panels. Lots of settings in Preferences and Settings.
Hiya, Here are some of the sorta work arounds I use when addressing these items you listed. 😊

1. “Bible Audio Text Video” --Bring focus to the Bible Panel and maximize it. Choose the zoom icon in the lower left of the app and zoom it to 200% or more. Pre-select your preferred font. File->preferences and settings->Fonts and Colors->Set individual panel properties… and deselect the checkmark “Use Defaults” and there you can change the font of the Bible Panel to whatever font you have installed on your system. Play your Bible audio that scrolls or highlights and scrolls if you're using Scourby Indexed

2. “Android and Apple” I hear ya! But SwordSearcher has been designed from the ground up to be used with the power of Microsoft Windows; and any other iteration would be a different app all together and a different project, and Brandon is the sole writer and maintainer of this software. Based on his previous answers to this question, the one with the most hope I’ve heard is; “Android is not off the table but no promises it will ever start” (or something like that) Might I recommend “MyBible” in the interim? https://mybible.zone/ click the English flag … but find it in the app store. (I use the PCE Bible primarily there along with the several TSK options, and other cross reference tools)

3. “voice recognition” I get it but for a giggle I use the Android app suggestion above and use my voice recognition from the phone in that but… you know I’m sick of deleting the word it got wrong and having to retype it anyway. IMHO I would rather type if I had a keyboard but on the silly tiny phone voice is cool to a point. Windows 10 has the feature built in too, I haven’t played with it yet tho. (see #8 too cuz I really do agree)

4. “KJV-TSK verses saved to file” A. set up my “Verse Widgets” so that TSK launches on the star icon. Click the star, load all the TSK references, ->then I click the icon “load all verses referenced in this entry into a verse list” or click the icon ->“show all commentary text on this chapter” , at that point you have the options to copy as much as you want to wherever you wanted to copy and paste it to. Or you can copy all the text from the commentary into a user book and use the [Ctrl +T] command from there on the references to fill in the entire text of each verse. All these options make it easy to customize… HOWEVER in my experience I have found smaller sets more beneficial and so. B. within the KJV-TSK I just click the arrow which expands all verses tied to the verse at that arrow into a verse list. Then you just click the icon ->Copy all Verses from Verse List, OR keyboard shortcut (F7). 😊
[EDIT TO ADD] Since there is a chapter summary included in the TSK module, once you have “show all commentary text on this chapter” selected, you'll have redundant verse references. So drag through and Copy (sometimes its fussy and you have to drag bottom up) the verses references after the summary, once they are highlighted drag em up to the "Scan Text for Verse References" Tool. Then you can open that list into a verse list opened. did I mention work around?
tsk click.gif

I have tried to work with every single verse reference from the TSK listed out and it’s a whole lot sometimes, and since I get looking at one then another and the reference on the reference … you can end up with hundreds or even a thousand or more worth of a trail. So the Big sets generated in option “A” are great opportunities for the Word Cloud Generator and subsequent Word Trees Tool!

5. Already answered but here is option “B” in Windows 10, its High Contrast Mode. Go to Ease of Access setting in Windows, and turn it on. OR press Alt+left Shift + Print Screen

6. “Tutorial Videos” Videos do take up a lot of space, and with the ultra fast and smaller SSD drives, some don’t want to take up extra space on their machine with the large video files. But I could see how the option availability is nice too, and I might someday download the whole pile Brandon posts on YouTube. I personally prefer real people with real video over the computer impersonal voices and text only stuff, extra point for SwordSearcher! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMjwAoUwV2E&list=PL61A92D6FD5F30AD1 those text tips and follow me type of tutorials are cool and small however, so those would probably be enough for most, or the pop up list of "tip of the day"? (fwiw Brandons voice is the only one I would recognize at a Bible App developer conference.)

7. “Different Audio Speed” A feature available on many players, would be a nice addition here too to have playback speed options. I don’t have a work around on this. Audio Book Players ala-carte have the option but SwordSearcher has those “dig into these words deeper” features that prevent me from leaving it.

8. “Integrated Computer voice”, Windows 10 has the Narrator, but is a little fussy with SwordSearcher. It appears that integration of accessibility features in SwordSearcher would be a great idea. And since it has Voice Recognition too, it would be neat to see it able to integrate more fully. NO real work around from me on this one either. But how many mule teams would it take to tackle it?

9. “Integrate ink” I just used OneNote for those notes, because it also has built in tracking of location in audio and so on. So I could listen to a sermon, stop and take notes and get the time stamp of the audio listed, write notes, keyboard shortcut verses from SwordSearcher and so on. **admission** it's a pain to get notes back out of OneNote and back into SwordSearcher so they could be indexed with my other SS notes. I can type faster than I can ink so I just type when I can anymore. But I saw a comment where Brandon assures that "the digitizer does work" in another thread.

10. Sermon audio has a service that will do this for you for big $$$ https://www.sermonaudio.com/new_details.asp?ID=44867 but you are asking for a Video Editor or Video Editing Software. While cool indeed, having had a lot of experience with Video Editing Software, may I please assure you that this is certainly a very tall request best left to specialized Video Editing dedication to prevent a host of compatibility issues and cost and so many issues. Cool indeed but I imagine it would require at the very least collaboration of SwordSearcher and some other Video Editing software company. It's all I got for ya.

Disclaimer, I am personally sick and tired of being nothing more than digital information for someone to buy and sell. I’m sick of digital voices, computer voices, being recorded, printed, tracked, followed, watched, harassed by digital medias, companies, governments, and more, SO I really love the ONE ON ONE and PERSON TO PERSON personality that is so prevalent with SwordSearcher, so I sometimes don’t want it to change much and my attitude might be seen as a bias in my answers 😊 God bless you as you study His Word!
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7. “Different Audio Speed” A feature available on many players, would be a nice addition here too to have playback speed options.

I don't usually like to comment on new features in development until they are released, but... This particular feature request will be in the next update, unless something horrible and totally unforeseen happens before then. It is already being tested. And... No, I do not have a date on this, but, it will be a free program update kind of thing for SS 8.x users. This will come along with support for several additional audio Bibles.

I have read the original post several times. I do take feature requests very seriously. Thank you to those who take the time to write them up. I will say that video generation/editing features are outside of the scope of SwordSearcher and I would recommend using something like Camtasia Studio for building video presentations based on screen content and/or text.
Here is a fun little video tool you might try. It's free, its called ShareX its in the Windows Store. I am using the Gif creator here to keep the size down and avoid uploading it to a video server.

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thanks Hmlss and Brandon.

Oh, and sorry about the background suggestion. I should have looked for it. I see that you can change the background color.

I did find this for the TSK references
Ps 4:5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the LORD.
- Mt 5:23 - listed twice for the TSK reference for Ps 4:5'

If I find any more like this, do you just want me to email you? Brandon. Thanks

Also, here are a few more ideas.

12. Bible verse memorization tool. Example. Missing Words. Pick how many missing words for each verse. Then fill in the wordsf using
your memory. Type in the missing words in the blank.
13. Integrate a module for Quizzes at the end of the chapters. Like What Verse did this happen. Or what is this Person's name that did this.
14. Save to PDF, and Other file options for exporting.

And thanks again Hmlss. It took me awhile to find the star icon, but I found it. I was looking on the tabs and menus for it. The reason I wanted to load all of the TSK verse references because I thought of doing a Psalm Commentary using the TSK verses. I wouldn't use all the verses, but it's taking awhile to copy and paste and select which ones I want. So far, I'm only through Psalm 4 and using about ten TSK verses for each verse. So I got a ways to go. I thought if I could load all the verses at once into a text file, it would save time in selecting the verses for the commentary. Thanks for the gif and I will probably check out that video program that you suggested.
thanks Hmlss and Brandon.

Oh, and sorry about the background suggestion. I should have looked for it. I see that you can change the background color.

I did find this for the TSK references
Ps 4:5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the LORD.
- Mt 5:23 - listed twice for the TSK reference for Ps 4:5'
Point 1. I'm glad you asked so I could tell about that alternate option that I know Brandon spent extra time in development on, but few know about that accessibility feature in Windows 10.

Point 2. It would be so cool if SwordSearcher would have the corrected TSK reference here where all others contain the typo. I checked
http://tsk-online.com/TSK/Psalms/4/5 = both Matthew 5:23 references and so does the copy at https://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/psa/4/5/t_corr_482005
You'll find a few missing or extra things like that throughouintt a lot of digital re-prints that all use the same source material. SwordSearcher has a corrected version that has corrected thousands of errors already however. It would be just like SwordSearcher to be the best so my guess is it'll end up fixed or on the list... good eye! (to find TSK module info like below, right click on the module tab and select TSK module info)
tsk SS.gif

I wanted to mention one other item you might want to know about if you want to track a Prayer list.

#14. You can save to PDF now, all you do is right click the book panel and "print" then that dialog allows you to use Microsoft Print to Pdf
print pdf.gif
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