feature request

  1. E

    FR: fly-out Reading Schedule panel via Widget or similar

    Although I had previously started to use the Reading Schedule in SwordSearcher, I never stuck with that electronic (computer) method of documenting my Bible reading. I don't recall now why, but maybe it was because of what I found inconvenient with the Reading Schedule panel. Right now I'm over...
  2. E

    FR: dedicated location for margin links pop-up

    Perhaps some discussion on this will show that no new feature is needed, but that rather I need to change something I'm doing. So here is my preliminary explanation and desire: I use the margin links very frequently: almost always. The way SwordSearcher's margin links work, if there is only one...
  3. dcausby

    The ability to carry over a study session?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature that carried over a study session, including search results, verse-lists, etc. I often spend a couple of days preparing messages and frequently refer to multiple search results to make connections between ideas, so this feature...