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    Commentary that sends links to all its Bible references to the Bible margin

    I have a commentary module in which I write my own notes on the Scripture on a per-verse basis. Because it is a SwordSearcher commentary module and not a SwordSearcher book module, the only links to my user commentary that show up in the margin when reading the Bible are the links to the one...
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    FR: dedicated location for margin links pop-up

    Perhaps some discussion on this will show that no new feature is needed, but that rather I need to change something I'm doing. So here is my preliminary explanation and desire: I use the margin links very frequently: almost always. The way SwordSearcher's margin links work, if there is only one...
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    Keyboard shortcut: move to next hit in module linked in margin

    I think I've forgotten this, since I'm pretty sure I used to know how to do it. Next to a verse there is margin link to a module, and in that module (actually chapter of a module) several times the verse is mentioned. How do I move from one hit to the next? I looked in the keyboard shortcuts...