1. Pastor Langley

    Sword Searcher 7.1 and module assets folders

    I stopped sharing (SS User Modules ) with both of my desktop and laptop pc's because of this issue of [Module Assets Folder]. If a module is shared pics and data will not be there in their (other persons pc) {windows path} without using [Module Assets Folder}. This is understood now. Question...
  2. dcausby

    User-Created module "150Quest" amendments

    Just a couple of amendments to references you may find useful: Q10: change "11 Corinthians" to 1 Corinthians" Q25: change "1:2731" to "1:27-31" Q145: change "11 Thessalonians" to "1 Thessalonians"
  3. dcausby

    Font colours (or "colors" for my US friends :-))

    I have changed my colour scheme to a blue background with yellow text that I find easier on my eyes for extended periods of time, and most of the time this works fine. I have added a few of third-party modules and one of these reverts to black text but retains the blue background, making it very...
  4. Editor

    Underlining, highlighting, creating Books and Commentaries

    Hey guys, Like what I see thus far with SS8. Am primarily studying law and will be doing a lot of underlining/highlighting, etc. In the Modules forum, I posted a question about law related modules. Hey why not start one's OWN law module? :) Sound like a good idea? How automated...
  5. Editor

    Modules for study of law

    Gents, I'm new to the forum and running v8.0 (x64) Eval at this time, with 5 days in the log. The focus of my study is to find references to Common law in scripture, and also contrasting Roman Civil law, so Strong's is a MUST. What modules would suite this purpose? I like the idea of...