user commentary

  1. B

    Buying a commentary on Amazon Kindle

    I have been looking at the logos software and the only appealing thing I have found in my opinion is that you can buy commentaries and books right on their site and have them in your library. So my question is for example I found a commentary that was 25$ on logos for 8$ on Amazon kindle...
  2. E

    Commentary that sends links to all its Bible references to the Bible margin

    I have a commentary module in which I write my own notes on the Scripture on a per-verse basis. Because it is a SwordSearcher commentary module and not a SwordSearcher book module, the only links to my user commentary that show up in the margin when reading the Bible are the links to the one...
  3. Pastor Langley

    Help on User Created Commentary Modules

    I created a user commentary. All was well over the years, a few sermons ( 20-30 ) in there. I could edit all seems fine. Then I created a Book called My Sermons and kept more sermons (about 20) there. Now my question is the Books called My Sermons are fine. I can edit them the icon pencil is...