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I created a user commentary. All was well over the years, a few sermons ( 20-30 ) in there. I could edit all seems fine. Then I created a Book called My Sermons and kept more sermons (about 20) there. Now my question is the Books called My Sermons are fine. I can edit them the icon pencil is there.

Created second User Commentary and it is working fine, it has the pencil icon.

The User Commentary has lost the "pencil icon" and I cannot edit anything that is there now. Any advice would be gladly recieved. Can this be fixed? Can I copy or move the non-working to the working? I have not done much for FEAR of losing something!
Thank you ahead of time.

Bro. David Pastor Bethany Missionary Baptist Church Tulsa, OK

Do you have Forge for Swordsearcher? If so, make a copy of your Commentary and move it out of your Swordsearcher User Modules, and export the "actual" commentary (not the copy) using the default settings, and re-import ensuring that block "Make module user-editable" is checked.

Usually, I do my work on the "Desktop" and copy it into either the Swordsearcher Module Folder (the one the Swordsearcher uses in Program Files) or the Swordsearcher User Modules Folder (your folder located in your "Documents" Folder). Meaning, I "send" the file to my Desktop and work from there.

Hope that works, subject to Brandon providing better instructions.

Blessings to you and your family, Tim
I will try this, thank you.
It's best not to put user created modules in the program files directory. That could prevent them from being edited. Instead put them in the documents directory - C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules.

Concur with your comment, the Program Folder should not be altered, unless one is knowledgeable on the impact. User Modules should be put into the User Folder.

I'm working on a couple of projects.

I systematically collected Faith's Checkbook entries from the Daily Bible and Prayer Reader - also created by Brandon (one day at a time) and imported them into a User Created Commentary. Once finished, I exported it from my User Folder using Forge, and made it "read-only" and brought it back into the Program Folder for permanent use. I plan to make a Daily Reading List for my personal studies.

Likewise, I am working on a Bible Translation to bring into Swordsearcher. It too will be "read only" and permanent when I'm done. So far, I've finished the Old Testament and steadily working on the New Testament - hope to finish by year's end.

Blessings to you and your family, Tim
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That is an option, create a new Commentary, copy your sermons from the old, now seemingly a "read-only" version into the your new commentary, and save as you go. This will take time, but you would not need to use Forge in that case. Once completed, you can remove the old commentary out of Swordsearcher, once you are satisfied you copied all your data.


Warmest regards, Tim
Did Forge created editable commentary
There is a Forge option to make it editable. Then make sure the Forge output directory is C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules.


It should work to copy a the module to SwordSearcher User Modules directory if it was created to be editable.
Likely the module is just not in a user-editable location. But you can know for sure just by going to the Help menu and looking for "Module Error Log." That will list any reason for not being able to put a module that should be editable, into edit mode.

Please let me know what you find there. It's probably going to give us the right course of action.
I will from this fix on use defaults as instructed. I will correct my backup plans. I'm hoping that Restore from Autobackup will help. But I await wise counsel. I have already proven that I am in or am AN ERROR! Ha...
Hi, Pastor Langley. I think you're running ahead of your help. Before you do anything else, try opening SwordSearcher, then click on File/Preferences. On the bottom of the left-hand list it says "Module File Locations". Click on that and in the window that opens up, you can click on the Add button, which will open a list of locations for you to select. Navigate your way to your One Drive folder and add it.
You have to close and reopen SwordSearcher for the changes to take effect. When you reopen SS, see if your files are editable again...
I don't have that, but I'm willing to walk through some steps with you to try to help. It can be a process, but don't despair. When you're tracking down an error, only make one change at a time so you don't accidentally compound the problem.
If you want to start step-by-step, let me know.
Can you work on it now? It may be a quick fix...
Ok, I'll be navigating on my computer so I can give you step-by-step help. Don't do anything except what I list. First of all, close SwordSearcher and open File Explorer. Navigate to C:\Program Files\SwordSearcher\Modules.
Look through the list of modules and see if your Commentary is there.
Let me know if you find it.
Do you see your Commentary?
Ok, let's see if it's in your User Modules - navigate to Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules and take a look there for your Commentary.
It will be listed by the short name, not the full name...
Those filenames don't look right. I want you to go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules and see what's listed there. Please note that OneDrive is not in that location.