A Blended Reading Plan for 2024

This is the time of the year. . . . 100 hours before the beginning of the "Read The Bible" in one year!!!
almost done 2023, 2024 is yet to come.
Hi, everybody, I started the Blue Letter Bible blended reading plan (so kindly supplied by @wsbones in this thread) ahead of time and have done two days' worth to get a head start. However, I've been encouraged to try to read through the entire Bible in three months. For that reason I did an 88-day plan (so there are two days for sickness or whatever) and hope to get done by the end of March. According to SwordSearcher, it works out to about 42-51 minutes per day (I assume based on Scourby reading times). I'll attach the template if else wants to try it. (The Bible reading plan in SwordSearcher is so user-friendly that you don't need a template unless it is blended or more complex, so you could just pick your own number of days and make your own.) May the Word of the Lord have free course and be glorified! (2Th 3:1)

Edit: Of course there are 91 days in January 1 - March 31 of 2024, since 2024 is a leap year. So really there are three "sick days" built into the 88-day reading plan when it's used in a leap year. :)


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