Ability to remove verse(s) from Verse List Panel list


Beta Tester
Hi, Brandon.

I often copy stuff with references in it into the "Scan Text for Verse References" tool (Alt-F5). I love that tool!

One thing that would make it more useful for me would be if I could highlight a verse (or contiguous or non-contiguous verses) and remove them from the list. What happens is that the reference parser often marks a whole chapter, and that makes it cumbersome to use the tool. Say I pasted in text where an author refers to 1Sam 13 in general. Then every single verse in that chapter gets a spot in the list, even though I don't want to see all the verses.

Or maybe there could be an option when pasting into the Alt-F5 panel (or when choosing therein the "Load verses into Verse List Panel and close" button) to exclude any whole chapters. I'm sure you'd come up with something better to handle this than I would, but I think you get what I'm looking for.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
Thanks for the feedback, Eric. I appreciate it. I may be able to accommodate your request with an additional option in the Scan Text tool.