Ctrl+h oops just now HELP...

Pastor Langley

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oops, tried this inside Bible module, this happened. Do I exit or did I make a permanant change? ctrl+h inside bible module.jpg Help again... Rev. 22:14 of course if anyone is asking...
It has changed to underline so waiting to see what should do here. Just happened.
I closed SS and it is still there, thanks for any help...
How do I (un-highlight) ?
Got it never min... Whooo it was not so bad after reading... who like doing that...
Johnny do you know how many SwordSearcher users there are?
Is there a way to know how many is on this Forum?
And how many users of SwordSearcher is there?
No matter glad we are are Sword Searcher users! Until He comes, have merry holidays.
Do you have Thanksgiving Turkey in Canada?
I answered in the original post before I saw this 🙂
For anyone who may come across this topic in the future, here's the relevant section of the help file:

I think that your explanation is better than ours... Ha! Thank you sir.
The front page of the forum has a statistics box on the bottom-right. There are currently about 4,700 forum members.

Sorry, that isn't something I share publicly.
Kewl, many preacher fiends ask me if very many use SS so did not know how to respond, now I can. I have gotten at least 30 people onto SwordSearcher so far. Now if they stayed dunno... Purchased a few Missionary Packs. Its about time to purchase for give away in 2024. I am very selective now because some folks just want free but do not use the software. So not a gift at the price I give away to just anyone nowadays.