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What is the best Bible reading plan out there?
I want to read the bible, new and old testament. I would like to have a plan that includes the entire bible, but if some verses (less important) are left out--that's fine. I want a plan that is less than 6 months, preferably 3 months or less. Thank you!
The best plan is to make a daily appointment, and keep it. If you read about 3 chapters a day you can get through the entire Bible in a year.

I often have read through just the NT. I think about 7 chapters / day will get you through in about 40 days? So you could conceivably read through the NT about 9 times in a year.

PLEASE DON'T MISUNDERSTAND. If you want to use SS to accomplish this goal, Amen! I'm a big fan.

But the Pastor in me will tell you that some people spend a lot of time planning, they never get to doing.

The best plan is one you ARE faithful to, not just "WILL BE" faithful - and that has you DOING as soon as possible.

And I have used various methods, including buying "one year" Bibles and following along.

So - If you have never read through the Bible, start. And don't wait. I get starting Gen. 1 on Jan. 1 - but if you never have - start Gen 1 today. Read 3 chapters a day (more if you like).

If you have gone through the whole Bible before, try the NT challenge. I promise you, every time you complete it, you will realize how much you gain something new each time through.

IMHO... Blessing!


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I'm going to read the NT between Halloween and New Years. It takes about 15 minutes/day. I attached a simple spreadsheet that can be printed and customized for any start date to read the NT in 2 months. It's handy if you are reading on a phone or tablet or somewhere else, and you want to keep the SS reading plan up to date on the computer.

I used SS to make the schedule and saved it as a template. The template is then exported it to a txt and pasted into a spreadsheet. I used a formula in the cells to make it general based on cell A2. It fits nicely on a page.


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