Handfuls on Purpose by James Smith and Robert Lee


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This work is in eSword. Evidently it is not under copyright - does anyone know if it is ok to distribute in SwordSearcheer?

I personally wish there was a way to convert the eSword modules that I purchased into a format compatible for SS. Naturally, for personal use only; this would simplify studies by limiting the need of using two separate programs. I do understand, however, that there could be significant issues if such a process were made public.
I have created custom e-Sword modules. I have the source files for them as well as the compiled versions to run in e-Sword. Can I migrate or convert them to SwordSearcher? If so, then is there also a needed tool to download for SwordSearcher to create them or convert them?

Brandon Staggs

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Can I migrate or convert them to SwordSearcher?
There is no automated way for you to convert modules from other software to SwordSearcher. However, there is a build tool for SwordSearcher in case you are not wanting to use the integrated editing features. See Forge. I can't say whether or not this will be useful for your project, but it could be used to compile a SwordSearcher module from a source text, provided you have the ability to format the source file appropriately. See the documentation in Forge for details.