Highlighting Books and Commentaries


Beta Tester
Brandon, could you make it possible to highlight text in the Books and Commentaries without opening them to edit mode? That would be super convenient. :)


Beta Tester
Marty, I think I asked for that once. It'd be a lot harder to do, since in the Bible each verse has x words, and apparently the system just remembers to highlight word #3 or from word #1 to word #5 in color "y".

Of course I have no clue how hard it'd be to implement this, but I have often thought it'd be helpful, too. We'll see what Brandon says.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
If I may piggy-back regarding highlighting. Is it possible when we highlight a verse in one translation, it shows up 'across the board' in the other translations?
No. They have different words and different word counts. Without some kind of system that specifically links words across translations there would be no way to do this.