Hungarian Bible Modules

Johnny NL

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Köszönöm Google Fordító
És köszönöm az Úrnak a sokszínűséget ... Boldog legyen ...!

Thank you Google translate
And thank you LORD for diversity..... Be Blessed...!


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Zsolt László Baranyi,

Greetings! I was unable to download any of them. Some showed 404 errors, others didn't work for whatever reason.

Could you please Private Message (PM) and maybe you can set up a link to some zip files for me to download. I'd love to have some of these Bible modules, especially the old ones.

Kind regards,


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Eric, I was able to download by right clicking and using "save as", otherwise just clicking opened the ssbible as a text file in the browser. I didn't get any 404 error at least on the first one. I didn't try any others. Now that I have it, I can't read it anyway :)

Maybe the server was down when you tried to download.


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Zsolt László Baranyi,

What does "UT" mean in the titles?

It'd be best for me it all the titles had dates in them.

Could you add detailed information (in Hungarian and English) in the Module Information (at the top of the Forge file; accessed in SwordSearcher by right clicking on the module tab)? I would like to be able to quickly see more information about the translations.


Also, since I don't know Hungarian, if any Catholic ones were marked that would be helpful, since I find them (in other languages) quite unacceptable. I sometimes use Google Translate to compare other language's old Bibles' (A. D. 1500's to 1700s) translation choices. I'm most interested in Bibles based on the Textus Receptus.