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User-submitted Korean Revised Version [KRV] 1.0
Translated by the Korean Bible Society 1961

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Brandon Staggs

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Brandon Staggs submitted a new module:

Korean Revised Version [KRV] - Translated by the Korean Bible Society 1961

THE HOLY BIBLE Old and New Testaments Korean Revised Version. Public Domain.

Korean Bible Society 1961 여기에 사용한 성경은 1961년에 대한성서공회가 번역한 성경전서 개역한글판입니다.

(Scripture text used in this publication are from The Holy Bible in The Korean Revised Version translated by the Korean Bible Society in 1961.)

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Thanks to forum user rjg for providing this Bible module.
I wonder if anyone reading these forums knows Korean? I once met a native-English speaker who had grown up in S. Korea. He said that some Korean Bibles translate "John the Baptist" as something like "John the sprinkler".

So I downloaded this KRV module (thanks, rjg & Brandon!) and went to Mt 3:1 and put the text in Google Translate. Then I tried to pare down the text to the word GT was translating as "Baptist". By the time I got to one word (I think), GT said it was "baptism". Below the GT translation it offers "baptism, christening, perfusion" as translations of the Korean word(s) 세례 ("selye").

I would be interested to know if anyone can confirm / deny that one sense of 세례 is "christening" or "perfusion". Thank you.

Nota bene: What God did at Babel was a punishment for what mankind was doing there. We still suffer from it, and accurate translation is hard work!

Edit: I had forgotten to attach the screenshot of GT.

Korean KRV (1961) Mt 3_1 baptist - baptism.png
My wife is a native Korean speaker and she says that 세례 translates to English as "baptism". There may be more to the etymology of that word in Korean but "baptism" is the way it is translated :)