Pls recommend tablet for elderly use


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Hi, everybody,

(Background: I have no experience with tablets on any platform. I use SwordSearcher on a Mac via VirtualBox.)

I would love recommendations for a tablet that will run the full version of Windows.

I think my elderly mother would benefit from the Bible reading audio. The tablet would need to have good speakers (if possible) since I hate pairing and later troubleshooting things with Bluetooth. External speakers that plug in with a cord are a better option than Bluetooth, IMO, since one can see the connection.

An absolutely wonderful thing would be some kind of interface / shell that would only allow her to pick the place where she wanted to read and/or would pick up on the reading program where she left off. I guess that would be programming / macro and be out of the question.

Price / budget is important :) But functionality more so.

For your mother - maybe an 8 GB Kindle Fire tablet ($40) and the Bible app (free) from the Amazon app store. You can listen to Max Maclean audio for free. It syncs with the verses as you read. It has a lot of features. If you set up a free account it will sync across all platforms. Note: the Kindle does not run Windows.

You can try it with a browser here:

My wife has it on her iPad from the Apple app store.

It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and any browser. The browser version doesn't sync the verses with the audio as you listen, but the app store versions do.

It's not SwordSearcher, but it's good and easy to use.
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I have a RCA tablet with Windows 10.
My SS runs very good on it
I realize this is more expensive than the Kindle Fire, but the Surface Go is a cheaper Windows 11 tablet (compared with the regular Surface), and SwordSearcher should run fine on it. I've been running it on an older Surface Pro 4. I realize my reply is a bit late. :)