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User-submitted Romanian Dumitru Cornilescu Bible [RDCV] 1.1
Romanian Bible translation, 1928, 1989

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Brandon Staggs

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Romanian Dumitru Cornilescu Bible [RDCV] - Romanian Bible translation, 1928, 1989

Displays properly with Central Europe locale settings.

Module contributed by Kim Kerim: "Translated by Dumitru Cornilescu in 1921 and published in 1928. In 1989 the Bible was republished and was known under the name Romanian Bible Dumitru Cornilescu Revised Version. The difference between the 1928 version and 1989 stands in the grammar actualization of the first one."

SwordSearcher tab: Bible > RDCV

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I am very sorry that the Central Europe types of fonts are displayed wrongly in RDCV. Is it possible to correct this flow?
The file was provided by another user. As the text says, it is designed to display correctly when the system is set to Central European locale. Is your Windows system set to that locale?