Search for italicized words – how


I was able to use SwordSearcher to find all the verses with italics in them. One could limit this style of search to Old Testament and New Testament separately. I presume that a list of search results can be exported in some way. I did this using lateral thinking searching for punctuation marks after I had selected that SwordSearcher should mark all words in italics with brackets – square brackets and then simply search for beginning square brackets.

I think one ought to have a firm grip of the history of the seven revisions of the English of the King James Bible 1611 text to arrive at the text that SwordSearcher is actually using The Pure Cambridge Edition circa 1900. All really was more like World War I. It is also interesting to know which of the two universities carried out these edits.

I tend to think that the pure handwritten copy of the King James Bible that came from the King James Bible translators was lost in the great London fire. The printer chosen to carry out the printing of the KJV 1611 ended up in the debtor's prison and frankly did a very sloppy job of setting and printing the 1611 Bible.

Considering that Henry VIII commissioned Oxford and Cambridge universities to print and publish the Bible in English as well is declaring the British empire, I have always found it strange that a printer in London should have been able to buy the rights to the printing of this Bible.

As you may know the first revisions were carried out by members of the original translation company and the history of the further revisions are extremely interesting.

Maybe a module about the seven polishing sessions of the KJV 1611 text would not go amiss. It is a subject that I have great interest in.

Cheers for now