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    SwordSearcher 8.1 Released

    My favorite: "Copy selected text with highlighting". Thanks, Bro. Brandon!!!
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    Is Gen 3:8 a Theophany?

    My thoughts: "Voice", in this context, could mean "sound". They heard the "sound" of the LORD God walking in the garden. Yes, I believe it is a "Theophany", as well as a "Christophany".
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    Create module from epub book

    Great! Got to learn this.
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    Author of Hebrews

    Hebrews 13:25 Grace be with you all. Amen. Re 22:21 "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." This is NOT Paul's token. This benediction is NOT EXCLUSIVE to Paul.
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    Linking to a Bible Search

    I see. I have to set it "Gen-Rev", not "Gen-Mal". I forgot the "Mal" is not the last book of the Bible!:D Thank you so much!
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    Linking to a Bible Search

    I wanted to insert a link to a Bible search on "tithe, tithes, tithing" which yielded 40 matches in 32 verses; but when I did a "test" on the inserted link (tithe=), it pointed me to "tithe, tithes" (32 matches in 25 verses). Can anyone please help me with this?
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    Mobile SwordSearcher?

    I check out the Olive Tree Bible Study app because it syncs my highlights, notes, and reading plans across mobile and desktop devices; however, it makes the ESV as the default Bible when I write the references and won't allow me to set or link them to the Bible (KJV) of my choice. It also...
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    Great list, wsbones! Let me add this to my studies. Thanks!
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    Backing up SwordSearcher

    Thank you for the info about using the cloud for synchronizing highlights and user modules. Somebody though asked me today if Swordsearcher will work on Windows tablets, and which type/brand of tablets.
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    Informal poll: Three reasons you use SwordSearcher

    1. It is the fastest way to SEARCH a Bible reference or a Bible word. Just type the Scripture reference or the Bible word you are looking for, and Swordsearcher fill find it for you. You don't even need to worry about the correct abbreviation for Bible book references. 2. It is the...
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    Windows 8 app?

    I don't own an Ipad or an Android tablet, but should I get one, it had to be something that runs Swordsearcher. Just happened to see a Windows 8 tablet in one of our stores; glad it's coming!
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    One syllable verses

    I never realized that the often quoted Philippians 1:21 is a one-syllable verse.
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    SwordSearcher 6.2 Release Announcement

    The StudyClick feature is very, very helpful! Glad this feature can be customized, too. Now, I can look up the Webster 1828 Dictionary definition of a word with just a click! It speeds up Bible reading and understanding.
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    Bible Doctrines: Beliefs that Matter

    Great resource. Thank you!