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    Pls recommend tablet for elderly use

    Hi, everybody, (Background: I have no experience with tablets on any platform. I use SwordSearcher on a Mac via VirtualBox.) I would love recommendations for a tablet that will run the full version of Windows. I think my elderly mother would benefit from the Bible reading audio. The tablet...
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    A peek at SwordSearcher 9

    Comparing more than 2 translations/versions would be helpful. Then I could have the source text (TR) up, the KJV and a foreign language translation. I would really like this. But … I'd probably need a bigger screen :)
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    Bible Quiz Maker for SwordSearcher??

    I think that's a neat idea, but probably out of the scope of the software's intention. Surely there are some apps out there for teachers that do that, aren't there?
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    What's your favorite Bible text font?

    I like Calibri better than Candara, but since things are customizable, it's no biggie one way or the other.
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    Over 2 years of Swordsearcher

    Great to hear from you. So glad you enjoy SwordSearcher just like I do.
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    Parsing and grammar tools

    I think you meant "imperative mood" rather than "indicative mood". A search for *τωσαν in the TR module that comes with SwordSearcher yields 25 matches in 22 verses. As you will notice when looking at those hits, the typical English rendering of "let" is used. That's because English does not...
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    How to find a word and punctuation

    Wonderful, Bill! That did it. Thank you. I forgot about regex … (Actually in the Greek module I searched for ἔλεγον.*\; since the way to mark a question in Greek is with the semicolon.)
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    How to find a word and punctuation

    I have a Greek language user Bible module that includes the diacritical marks (which are not present in the TR module that comes with SwordSearcher). I want to search for all verses that have the word ἔλεγον in them and also have a question mark in them (well, the Greek question mark looks like...
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    Parsing and grammar tools

    I'll be interested to hear what Brandon thinks of this suggestion. I recall back when I used Online Bible briefly (maybe 20 or more years ago). It had all the possible combinations of parsings (conjugations & declensions) number coded. Probably that data is available in the public domain...
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    Search vs. English-Strong's indexer

    Yep, shore 'nuff! I had "Match case" on, so it only found the one with a small initial letter, i.e., "sir", not "Sir" or "Sirs". Same thing for "master*". Sorry about that! Thanks for your time. There is no sure cure for operator error …
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    Search vs. English-Strong's indexer

    Hi, Brandon, When I do this search ("sir @g2962" w/o the quotes), I only get one hit: Mt 21:30. But, when I use the English-Strong's indexer, I get a lot more hits where κυριος is translated as "sir" in the KJV. I did the same thing with "master @g2962", and only got 2 hits. But the ESI got...
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    Logos 8 v. SwordSearcher

    djmarko53, I use Logos mostly for one thing, and I don't upgrade for money. I just wait until they say you can get the dumbed-down, won't-do-much-but-it's-the-next-basic-version for free. And they say that they will stop supporting the lower version. Then I "upgrade." I've never had any problems...
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    Allow module shortcuts to have more than one letter assigned

    Thank you, Brandon, for the explanation. With the Ctrl+M and Ctrl+F10 shortcuts in mind, I could make my own shortcuts in MacroExpress ( and apply them only to SwordSearcher. I use MacroExpress a lot in my regular work with SS (mostly as a text expander), so that's possible.