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    es2f and original language resources

    Brandon, I don't mean to dig up an old post but I was wondering if you've gotten to look at this. Any update on support for original language resources?
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    e-Sword v9-new database format-has me wondering

    So will you work on getting e2fs to handle the new e-Sword file formats? I realize its probably not high on your priority list and that it will take permission and possibly some information from Rick Meyers but it would be nice to have.
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    e-Sword v9-new database format-has me wondering

    I just noticed that Rick Meyers has release e-Sword v9. He's changed the database back-end from MS Access to SQL Lite. Should allow him more flexibility in adding new features. Only downside is that all of the modules (free and paid for) must be re-downloaded and re-installed. All public domain...
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    es2f and original language resources

    Brandon, There also some Bible modules there that include Strongs' numbers. Are those supported by es2f?
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    NASB available for SwordSearcher from the Lockman Foundation

    This is great! I may end up getting this at a later date (when I have some extra cash) as I use NASB for the Precept Upon Precept studies (Kay Arthur) that I lead. I purchased the e-Sword add-on from them a few years ago. I just wish they would have included the same things in the SS package...
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    es2f and original language resources

    Here's one: There's a huge list of resources here as well: Most appear to be public domain and user created. Hope...
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    es2f and original language resources

    I've tried to convert some Hebrew and Greek e-Sword resources using es2f. It goes through the process just fine but the verses do not display properly in SS. I thought it might be a font issue so I unchecked "Remove Font Declarations" and tried again but it did not help. Are Hebrew and Greek...
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    es2f: e-Sword to Forge (to SwordSearcher) Converter

    That's what I was trying to get out, sorry if my wording wasn't clear. I will edit the post if still possible to reflect that. Thanks. That would clear things up. I spent quite a bit of time converting some e-Sword modules over to use in SS during the trial period, got the free key today...
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    es2f: e-Sword to Forge (to SwordSearcher) Converter

    I got all excited when I downloaded this and Forge. Then I found out that it doesn't work with a registered download version, only the Deluxe CD version. Bummer. :( The prerequisites for Forge only indicate: It says nothing about needing the Deluxe version to use the modules it creates. And...
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    Zefania XML

    Zefania XML Anyone familiar with this "open" format for Bible software? It is obviously XML based and there are some resources available in the format already. Is this something that Swordsearcher might support in the future, or perhaps supported in Forge?
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    History of SwordSearcher

    What version of Delphi are you currently using? SwordSearcher supports the Vista Aero interface, but some people have told me that Borland development tools do not support this. I'm wondering if they just haven't upgraded in a long time.
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    Introducing myself

    I just wanted to say hi! I'm new to SwordSearcher. I currently am evaluating the trial version. But I love what I have experienced so far. I have been a user of e-Sword for a few years now. I own PC Study Bible 4 Complete Reference Library a well. I teach Precept Upon Precept inductive studies...
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    Bible Version