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Bonnell's Dictionary of Three Word Phrases 1.3
Every Bible word with 3 word phrases, 1st and last occ, and links to search

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A dictionary of three word phrases made by taking each word in the Bible (789,655) along with the next two words to make a phrase and then:
  • Search the Bible for the phrase
  • Count the occurrences
  • Keep those phrases with multiple occurrences
  • Categorize each phrase under every word in the phrase
  • Activate each phrase to automatically search the Bible
Of all the resulting phrases, 86,317 occur more than once. Each phrase is listed under every word in the phrase making 258,951 linked searches. Many of these searches produce interesting results. All Bible words are included in the dictionary. Some words may not have any 3 word phrases. In that case, just the first and last occurrence of the word is shown along with a link to search the Bible and the Topic and Verse Guide.

The intention of this dictionary module is to find important concepts in the Bible and let the Bible speak for itself by searching and comparing Scripture.

Generally, each word has a definition from Webster's 1913 Unabridged Dictionary, Bible locations may have a small locator map, and Bible personalities have a link to the Complete Bible Genealogy website.

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Copyright 4/24/2010

Example of the word, abundance:
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While one CAN search for phrases in SwordSearcher's main program, this stretches further as it puts the three word phrases in any order they are found when together.