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Complete Works of John Bunyan 1.1
Three volumes

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Works of John Bunyan, 3 vols.

Unzip to your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder.


I'd like someday to go through these and properly format places where it shows verse 2 or 16 or whatever, and put the actual text to which it is speaking of. I love how SwordSearcher will find these verse comments in books as well as commentaries.


p.s. Brandon - you or anyone else, please feel free to shape these up further and share them and/or put them (or any of the other things I have done) in any future versions of SwordSearcher.
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  1. Adding formatted verse links

    I mentioned that someday I'd like to go through these and make references to the word "verse" to...

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Love John Bunyan! Especially the Pilgrim's Progress text I've made into a little module with links that work in Sword Searcher. (No, haven't uploaded here, I'm too new.) But you saved me much time and trouble by including ALL Bunyan's works! Thank you very much.