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Messiah in Both Testaments by Fred John Meldau [Messiah1] 1.0
Christ in the Old and New Testaments

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"THE MOST AMAZING DRAMA that ever was presented to the mind of man-a drama written in prophecy in the Old Testament and in biography in the four Gospels-is the narrative of Jesus the Christ. One outstanding fact, among many, completely isolates HIM. It is this: that one Man only in the history of the world has had explicit details given beforehand of His birth, life, death and resurrection; that these details are in documents given to the public centuries before He appeared, and that no one challenges, or can challenge, that these documents were widely circulated long before His birth; and that anyone and everyone can compare for himself the actual records of His life with those old documents, and find that they match one another to a nicety. The challenge of this pure miracle is that it happened concerning one Man only in the whole history of the world" (D. M. Panton)
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