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1 Corinthians 4:8
Now ye are full, now ye are rich, ye have reigned as kings (gods) without us: and I would to God ye did reign, that we also might reign with you. (KJV)

Mr. Scourby reads gods instead of kings. loll, Do I have a bad version ? ? ?
please, check and let me know.
I've found a few wrong words in the audio files - not just Scourby. It must be a hard job reading the Bible through for publication.
Here are my notes on Scourby. Some of my notes may be wrong, but this is from a commentary module (user module) I update when I find things I think may be different in Scourby than in the KJV edition I read.


Exodus 10:15​

Scourby says, "throughout" rather than KJV's "through".

Exodus 30:21​

Seems to me that Scourby says "generation" (singular) rather than the KJV's "generations".

Exodus 36:11​

The second time the word occurs in this verse Scourby said "couplings", where KJV has "coupling".

Exodus 39:7​

Scourby says, "they put them on," but KJV has "he put them on."

Leviticus 13:49​

2013-02-17 I think there is an error here in the determination of the timing of the start of this verse. If you click on Le 13:49 alone, you do not hear the first word, "And," but if you listen from earlier verse(s) forward, all is well. Near vv. may have same problem.

Leviticus 14:18​

Seems as if "the" before "priest" is missing.

Leviticus 20:25​

Scourby says "earth," but the KJV text has "ground".

Leviticus 25:44​

I think it's there, but one can barely, if at all, hear the "s" on the last word in this verse, "bondmaids."

Numbers 4:26​

Scourby reads "round about it", but KJV has just "round about".

Numbers 10:25​

Re: the pronunciation of "rereward". It sounds like "rear-ward", which is likely proper. However, Scourby seems to be consistent in his pronunciation, comparing all places with this word: Nu 10:25; Jos 6:9,13; 1Sa 29:2; Isa 52:12; 58:8.

Numbers 23:12​

Scourby says "put into my mouth", but KJV has "put in my mouth".

Numbers 26:2​

Scourby says "houses", but the KJV text is "house". Since "house" (singular) doesn't seem quite right here, I wonder if Scourby was reading from a text that had "houses". My Cambridge KJV has the singular "house", and so does Paul's Thomas Nelson KJV. So perhaps Scourby just mis-read it.

Numbers 32:9​

Audio quality: its volume decreases very noticibly in this verse and continues through the end of the chapter. If you start audio at Nu 33:1, you will hear that the volume there is very close to that of Nu 32:8 and before.

Numbers 32:15​

Scourby says, "his" rather than "this" in "this people."

Deuteronomy 5:18​

Scourby says, "Thou shalt no commit adultery," but KJV says, "Neither shalt thou commit adultery."

Deuteronomy 21:22​

KJV says, "and he be to be put to death" (admittedly somewhat awkward to say), but Scourby says, "and he be put to death". I really wonder about the KJV rendering, since it is not similar to any of the previous English translations I checked (Wyc, Tyn, Geneva). In looking at the Hebrew I don't see any basis for KJV's double verb, "be to be". I wonder if it was a mistake in typesetting that just persisted. (It's written as in SwordSearcher in my Cambridge KJV (no date; I bought it in 1975 or 1976) and in Paul's Thomas Nelson Publishers one (1976).)

Deuteronomy 28:54​

Scourby seems to say "which she shall leave" rather than the KJV's "which he shall leave".

Deuteronomy 28:56​

Scourby seems to have omitted the first word of this verse, "The". Even when listening from the previous verse through this one, I don't hear that word.

Joshua 12:3​

Scourby says "unto Ashdothpisgah", but the KJV text says "under Ashdothpisgah".

Joshua 24:8​

Scourby does not say "from" in "I destroyed them from before you."

Judges 9:17​

Scourby says "out of the hands of Midian" rather than "hand".

Judges 10:1​

Scourby says "when he came up", but the AV text has "when they came up".

1 Samuel 14:11​

2011-07-12 Scourby reads "where they had HIDDEN themselves," but KJV has "where they had HID themselves.

2 Chronicles 6:9​

Scourby says, "shall come forth of thy loins", but the KJV text is "shall come forth out of they loins".

2 Chronicles 24:22​

Scourby reads, "had done him," but the KJV text is "had done to him".

2 Chronicles 36:7​

Scourby reads "carried off", but KJV in SS 8.4 has "carried of". I checked two paper Bibles, and "of" is the expected reading here.

Job 26:3​

Sounds as if Scourby says, "…declared the things it is" rather than "…declared the thing as it is.". It's not very clear.

Psalm 24:2​

Scourby seems to say the singular, "flood," not the plural, "floods."

Psalm 35:11​

When reading Ps 35:11, Scourby omits the word "that".

Psalm 39:2​

Scourby says, "even from GOD," but KJV has "even from good."

Psalm 58:3​

Scourby says, "The wicked are estranged from the tomb", rather than "womb" (big oops!).

Psalm 74:20​

Scourby says "FULLY of the habitations of cruelty" rather than "full."

Psalm 75:1​

Posted at https://forums.swordsearcher.com/th...ull-install-package-8-3-1-72.3459/#post-20390 on 2019-07-19:

I found another anomaly with Scourby's reading (using

Ps 75:1 (KJV) To the chief Musician, Al-taschith, A Psalm or Song of Asaph. Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.

When I click to hear Ps 75:1, I do not hear the entire first part, which I put in bold above.

Psalm 102:11​

Scourby omits the word "and."

Psalm 136:1​

2011-11-05 Scourby's reading of Ps 136 is stellar (as is his reading of Lamentations).

Psalm 148:1​

Scourby omits the first sentence, "Praise ye the LORD" and starts immediately with "Praise ye the LORD from the heavens."

Proverbs 8:24​

Sounds as if Scourby says "Where" for the first "When".

Proverbs 19:29​

2011-06-16 at Pr 19:29, Scourby reads "backs" when the KJV has "back" in the clause "stripes are for the BACK of fools".

Proverbs 26:2​

For the 2nd "as" in "as the swallow by flying," Scourby says "and" rather than "as".

Song of Solomon 6:1​

Scourby says "there" rather than "with thee".

Isaiah 66:19​

Scourby says "name" where the KJV text has "fame".

Jeremiah 38:22​

Scourby says "these" rather than "those".

Lamentations 4:17​

2020-11-17 Scourby says "watchings" (plural), when KJV has the singular.

Ezekiel 15:7​

Scourby reads, "when I will set my face against YOU," but KJV has "them".

Ezekiel 20:40​

Scourby says "obligations", but the text is "oblations".

Ezekiel 21:19​

This could just be a slight issue, but it sounds as if Scourby says "men" rather than "man" in "thou son of man".

Ezekiel 33:8​

Scourby inserted an extra word "man" ("wicked MAN").

Ezekiel 38:17​

Scourby said "times" rather than KJV's "time".

Ezekiel 41:16​

Scourby said "narrow GALLERIES, and the galleries round about," but the KJV has "narrow WINDOWS, and the galleries round about."

Daniel 2:5​

Did Scourby say "you" rather than "me"?

Daniel 4:2​

The way Scourby says "me" is very unclear. Sounds almost like "meh" (short "e").

Daniel 10:14​

At this verse there is a major change is audio.

Obadiah 21​

2011-11-25 Though very quickly and almost unnoticably, it seems that Scourby says "And THE saviours shall come up …", but KJV has "And saviours shall come up …"

Zephaniah 3:12​

Scourby says "a poor people", but the text has "poor people" without the indefinite article.

Matthew 5:39​

Scourby reads "thy" where KJV has "the".

Matthew 7:11​

Scourby says, "If ye then, being evil, know how to give good THINGS unto your children," but KJV has "gifts" here (and "things" only later in the verse).

Mark 12:26​

Scourby says, "they that rise", but the KJV says "that they rise". It's obvious that Scourby simply mis-read the order of words.

Mark 14:34​

Scourby says "exceedingly" rather than "exceeding".

Luke 12:45​

Rather than the KJV's "maidens", Scourby says "maidservants".

Luke 13:26​

Scourby says, "drunken", but the text has "drunk". I wonder, though if there are some KJV editions that had/have "drunken" here.

John 14:20​

Although it's hard to tell, it seems Scourby says, "And that day", rather than "At that day."

John 18:12​

Scourby says, "the officers", but the KJV text only has "officers".

Romans 11:17​

2011-08-22 Scourby says "were" rather than "wert" when reading "wert graffed in among them".

Romans 11:24​

2011-08-22 Scourby says "were" rather than "wert" when the second "wert" occurs in this verse, i.e. in the phrase "and wert graffed contrary to nature".

1 Corinthians 4:8​

Scourby says, "ye have reigned as gods without us", where KJV says, "ye have reigned as kings without us."

1 Corinthians 6:10​

It appears that Scourby mispronounced "revilers". It is from the word "revile" and means to be a railer. Scourby pronounced it as if it were "revelers". Per Webster's 1812 dictionary "reveler" is "One who feasts with noisy merriment." Galations 5:21 and 1Pe 4:3 have the word "revellings" (carousal [as if letting loose]):--revelling, rioting).

1 Corinthians 10:26​

Scourby says, "For the earth is OF the Lord's", though the "of" should be omitted.

Galatians 2:12​

Scourby says, "them that were of the circumcision" rather than "them which were of the circumcision".

Galatians 4:1​

Scourby read "said", but KJV has "say."

Colossians 2:14​

2011-03-14 In reading Col 2:14 Scourby says, "Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against YOU [should be "us" per KJV], which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;

2 Thessalonians 2:9​

Scourby says "workings", but KJV has "working" (singular).

1 Timothy 1:2​

2011-06-16 At 1Ti 1:2, Scourby omits the word "the" in the phrase "[my] own son in THE faith".

Titus 2:8​

2011-06-16 At Tit 2:8, Scourby says, "that he that is ON the contrary part", but the KJV has has "that he that is OF the contrary part".

Hebrews 1:1​

Scourby says "The epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews". The actual text of the Epistle to the Hebrews, of course, does not indicate who the writer was. See also Scourby's comment at end of Hebrews (Scourby: Heb 13:25).

Hebrews 10:1​

Scourby reads "year AFTER year", but KJV text is "year by year".

Hebrews 13:25​

Scourby says "The end of the epistle of Paul the apostle to the Hebrews". (see also beginning of book for other reference to Paul as writer of Hebrews (Scourby: Heb 1:1).

James 2:1​

Scourby says, "Depart in peace, AND be ye warmed," but KJV does not have the "and".

2 Peter 1:1​

Scourby says "bringing" where KJV has "bring".

2 Peter 2:1​

Scourby says, "bringing", but KJV has "bring".

2 Peter 2:19​

Scourby says "he is"; KJV has "is he".

1 John 2:18​

Scourby says, …that AN antichrist…, but KJV has …that antichrist….

1 John 2:22​

Scourby says, "…is AN antichrist…", but KJV has "…is antichrist…".

Revelation 1:1​

Scourby reads "end", but KJV has "ending".
If anyone has any corrections to my observations, please do list them for me here. I'll update my user commentary module.
Here's a list I made. I didn't check the above list. Mine are probably duplicated but my list is shorter. Eric, check these against yours. It would be easier. Thanks.

Exodus 4:12 Scourby leaves out "with" thy mouth
Nehemiah 9:36 Scourby mistake "the fruit thereof" twice.
Psalm 39:1 Scourby says "mouth" rather than tongue.
Psalm 39:2 Scourby is having a bad day. He says God rather than good.
Psalm 58:3 Scourby says tomb rather than womb.
Psalm 118:23 Scourby gets the inflection wrong in Mt 21:42; Mr 12:11 when he quotes this
Matthew 21:42 The question mark goes with "Did ye never read". Hear Ps 118:23 . Scourby has the wrong emphasis as in Mr 12.11
Luke 12:45 Scourby says maidservants not maidens.
John 2:21 Scourby said "spoke"
Acts 27:1 Scourby says Augustuses band
1 Corinthians 4:8 Scourby says "gods" here instead of kings.
1 Corinthians 9:21 Scourby says "without the law" in error
1 Corinthians 10:26 Scourby inserts "of"
Galatians 4:1 Scourby says "said" rather than "say.
Colossians 2:14 Scourby says against you rather than us.
2 Thessalonians 2:9 Scourby says workings
1 John 2:22 Scourby inserts "an" before antiChrist
I use Scourby's readings all the times with my commute and i grew up listening to him read the bible. The one thing i found amusing, was how got vittles out of "victuals", i guess it must be a southern thing.

Gen 14:11
And they took all the goods of Sodom and Gomorrah, and all their victuals, and went their way. (and 16 other places)

God bless him for his efforts, i know i could not do it. I know years ago Dr. Ruckman read the bible, and there is no doubt about what he thought of the kjv, and he made mistakes also, so much so that the Bookstore in Pensacola would not sell it to the public. If someone knows of anyone who reads it better than Scourby let me know.

use Scourby's readings all the times with my commute and i grew up listening to him read the bible. The one thing i found amusing, was how got vittles out of "victuals", i guess it must be a southern thing.
You may find this interesting:

Also, OED says the pronunciation is ˈvɪt(ə)l

victual, n.


Forms: α. 4–6 vitaile (4 -aille), vitayle (5 -aylle), 5 vitayll, 5–6 -ail(l; 4–6 vytayle (5–6 -aylle, 5 Sc. wytaylle), 5–6 vytaile (5 -aille), 5 -ayl(l; 4–5 vetaille (4 -aile), 5 vetayle, 6 -ayll; 5 Sc. wittail(e, -aill, wytaill, 6 vittayle, -aile, 6–7 vittail; 5 Sc. wictaill, 6 -ayll, -ayle, vectayll, 6–7 victail. β. (Chiefly Sc.) 5 vitt-, vet-, 6 vict-, 5–6 vyt-, vitale; 5 wit(t)-, wyt-, wet-, wictale. γ. 5–6 vitall (6 -al, witall), 5 vytall, 6 -al; 5–6 vitell (5 vet-, wetell), vitel, 5 fyt-, 6 vytel(l; 5 wetyl; 6 vitoll. δ. 5 vittale, 5–6 vittall, 5 (9) vittal; 5–6 vittell (5 wytt-, 6 wett-, vyttell), 6, 8, 9 dial., vittel, 6–7, 8–9 dial. vittle (7 victle), 9 dial. fittle, wittle. ε. 6 wyttuel, wittual, 7 vittual, 8 vitual; 6 victuayle, Sc. wictuale, victuale, -wale, -uel(l, 5–7 victuall (6 wictuall, -wall), 6 vyctual, 6– victual.

[a. AF. and OF. vitaile, -aille (OF. also vitale, -alle, vittalle, victaille) fem.:—late L. victuālia, neut. pl. of post-classical L. victuālis, f. victus food, sustenance: cf. Prov. vit(o)alha, Sp. vitualla, Pg. vitualha, It. vettovaglia. The variant OF. and mod.F. form victuaille has been assimilated to the L. original, and a similar change in spelling has been made in English, while the pronunciation still represents the forms vittel, vittle. (See also vitaly.)]

1. collect. Whatever is normally required, or may naturally be used, for consumption in order to support life; food or provisions of any kind.
Occasionally applied to food for animals, but more commonly restricted to that of persons.

α 1303 R. Brunne Handl. Synne 10555 Y was wunt to lede vytayle To knyȝtes þat were yn batayle. 13‥ Sir Beues (A.) 3025 Al þus þemperur haþ him diȝt.‥ Þar to schipes wiþ gode vitaile. c 1385 Chaucer L.G.W. 1488 Hypsipyle, Askynge hem a-noon If they were broken or woo begoon Or hade nede of lodesmen or vitayle. 1399 Langl. Rich. Redeles iii. 371 Devourours of vetaile þat fouȝten er þei paide. a 1417 York Memor. Bk. (Surtees) I. 222 Fysshe and other vitaill ar ofte tymes conceled‥in this citee. c 1450 Mirk's Festial 98 He schuld haue vii ȝere plenteþ e of corne and all oþer vytayle. a 1500 in C. Trice-Martin Chanc. Proc. 15th C. (1904) 4 Yf the dette be surmysed to growe by the bying or sellyng of any maner of vetayll. a 1533 Ld. Berners Huon xlvi. 156 He shall departe in this lytell shyppe‥and take vytayle in to it for there prouysyon. a 1548 Hall Chron., Hen. VI, 105 By that waie neither man nor vitaill could passe or come. 1548 Patten Exped. Scotl. Pref. a viij b, The time and place whan and whither they shall cum, and with how much prouision of vitail. 1592 Kyd Sol. & Pers. iii. i. 50 Footemen‥well exercised in war; And, as it seemes, they want no needful vittaile.

β 1375 Barbour Bruce ix. 168 Quhar thai mycht get Till thame and thairis vittale and met. c 1375 Sc. Leg. Saints xxx. (Theodera) 425 Þai ordenyt hyr þare out-rydere, Þar witale to þe house to by. c 1400 Ywaine & Gaw. 1873 Syr Alers,‥with swith grete vetale, Come that kastel to asayle. 1487 Act 3 Hen. VII, c. ix. §3 That every freman‥may lede, carie, and goo, with his or their Vetale, Ware or merchaundise. a 1500 Bernard, de cura rei fam. (E.E.T.S.) 110 Geff thow‥hase to sel wetale in gret substance, Se be na way na derth þat thou desyre.

γ c 1400 Destr. Troy 5176 In þat prouyns is plenty all of prise vitell, Of corne, & of catell. 1472 Presentmts. of Juries in Surtees Misc. (1890) 23 We say yt yer have boght of late‥unsesanabyll wetyl, yt is to say, feche & herrynge, bothe Thom Smythe & John Clyffe. Ibid. 27 For brynghyng in of wetell for the welfare of comhons. c 1475 Henryson Fables, Twa Mice 102 (Bann. MS.), Thair harbery wes tane In till a spens with vitall of grit plentie. 1513–4 Act 5 Hen. VIII, c. 6 The great scarcyte of grayne and vytell at this present tyme. 1531 in J. Bulloch Pynours (1887) 61 The berne of salt‥and all wther witall‥borne be the Pynouris. 1538 Starkey England i. iii. 74 In so much that vytel and nuryschment suffycyent for them can skant here be found. 1570 Levins Manip. 13 Vitall, penu, victus.

δ c 1480 Wyntoun's Cron. i. 564 (MS. E.), Within þat ile ar citeis ten Stuffit with wittall gud and men. 1482 Cely Papers (Camden) 108 They schall lacke no men nor vettell. 1494 Acc. Ld. High Treas. Scot. I. 247 For a bayte that careit the wrychtis and thar wyttell to the loche, v s. 1573–80 Tusser Husb. (1878) 41 Twise a day giue him fresh vittle and drinke. 1599 Dallam in Early Voy. Levant (Hakl. Soc.) 88 The iland Zante hathe all theire provition of vittell from thence. a 1618 Sylvester Maiden's Blush 355 Th' Heav'nly Herald‥sees there the Brethren lying Along the Grasse, and busie at their Vittle. 1663 Butler Hud. i. i. 316 For, as we said, he always chose To carry Vittle in his Hose. 1723 Swift Stella at Woodpark Wks. 1755 IV. i. 40, I must confess, your wine and vittle I was too hard upon a little. 1748 Mary Leapor Poems Sev. Occasions 124 When you gather Strength a little, Can walk abroad and eat your Vittle. 1789 Burns Robin shure in Hairst iv, Robin promised me A' my winter vittle. 1847– in dial. glossaries, etc. (Worc., Hereford, Shropsh., Warw., Gloc., Dorset) in the form fittle. 1881 Gd. Words 846/1 It's a pity as you've no stomach to yer vittle.

ε 1523 Cromwell in Merriman Life & Lett. (1902) I. 39 The Frenche men‥lye yn wayte‥to destroye the Conductours of our victuayle. 1559–66 in Wodrow Soc. Misc. (1844) 71 To hinder the victuall from comeing to Edinburgh. 1570–6 W. Lambarde Peramb. Kent 130 Deuouring and consuming‥the victuall of the countrey. 1603 Knolles Hist. Turks (1621) 1247 Germenchius hath put in three moneths victuall into Hust in Transylvania. 1627 Bacon Sylva §649 The Making of Things Inalimental, to become Alimental, may be an Experiment of great Profit, for Making new Victual. 1681 H. Nevile Plato Rediv. 92 The cheapness of Victual, and the want of Labourers. 1765 Blackstone Comm. I. 60 It might seem to prohibit the buying of grain and other victual. 1817 Byron Beppo xxix, And Laura waited long, and wept a little,‥She almost lost all appetite for victual. 1856 Hawthorne Eng. Note-Bks. (1870) I. 111 A refreshment-room, with drinks and cakes and pastry, but‥no substantial victual. 1859 Tennyson Geraint & Enid 201 A fair-hair'd youth, that in his hand Bare victual for the mowers.

†b. Produce of the ground capable of being used as food. Obs.
white victual (quot. 1799), = next.

c 1374 Chaucer Former Age 36 Ther as vitayle is ek so skars and thinne Þat nat but mast or apples is ther inne. c 1386 ― Clerk's T. 3 Ther is at the West side of Ytaille‥A lusty playne, habundant of vitaille. 1625 Bacon Ess., Plantation (Arb.) 531 Then consider, what Victuall or Esculent Things there are, which grow speedily, and within the yeere. 1627 May Lucan iv. 99 Nor can the souldiers goe To forrage: the drown'd fields no vittaile leaue. 1798 Malthus Popul. (1878) 228 This may be justly attributed to the effects of the scarcity and bad victual in the year 1783. 1799 J. Robertson Agric. Perth 147 The land is pulverized and better made for the succeeding crop of white victual.

c. Sc. Grain, corn. ? Obs.

1473 Rental Bk. Cupar-Angus (1879) I. 171 Alsua tha sal haue the tend vitale for ijch of bere and mele. 1557 Rec. Inverness (New Spald. Cl.) I. 7 To‥pay Isbell Damster the hyest price of ane boll wyttuell and thre pects to entres. 1585 Reg. Mag. Sig. Scot. 292/1 For payment‥of aucht chalderis 3 bollis wictuall, thairof 45 bollis beir and the remanent meill. 1609 Skene Reg. Maj., Stat. Robert I, 36 It is statute be the king, that all they quha buyes victuall‥fra burgessis at their granares, they‥may carie that victuall quhere they please. 1678 Sir G. Mackenzie Crim. Laws Scot. i. xxiv. §1 (1699) 119 Usury is that Crime‥committed in Bargains of Victual, or Tacks. Ibid. ii. xiv. §1. 211 A landed man, whose Rent exceeds a thousand Merks, or ten Chalders of Victual. 1726 P. Walker Life A. Peden in Biog. Presbyt. (1827) I. 53 He enquired at Mrs. Steil, if she wanted a Servant for threshing Victual? 1785 Burns 3rd Epist. to Lapraik vii, [Till] a' the vittle [be] in the yard, An' theekit right. 1799 J. Robertson Agric. Perth 99 In drying on the iron floor, the victual must be constantly turned. 1812 G. Chalmers Dom. Econ. Gt. Brit. 262 Though neither the nominal, nor the real, prices of victual were equal to those of the times of queen Anne. 1822 Galt Sir A. Wylie xlii, He has been very kind to the poor, having divided five load of victual among all the needful in the parish. 1843 Report Jedburgh Thirlage Trial 8 A portion of that corn or victual, ground at the mills, which is kept by the miller.

†d. (See quot.) Obs.—0

1688 R. Holme Armoury ii. 241/1 Vitell, or Viandes, the term for Hawks meat.

2. pl. Articles of food; supplies, or various kinds, of provisions; in later use esp. articles of ordinary diet prepared for use.

α 13‥ K. Alis. 855 (Laud MS.), And Olyfauntz & ek Camayles, Boþe hij charged wiþ vitailes. a 1350 Will. Palerne 1121 Wel þei were warnestured of vitayles i-now, plentiuosly for al peple. 1387 Trevisa Higden (Rolls) II. 55 Whanne derþe of vitailles is in al Engelond aboute, þere is þe lasse i-solde. c 1444 Lydg. in Pol. Poems (Rolls) II. 220 To chese suych vitaylles ther braynes wer to woode. 1489 Caxton Faytes of A. ii. xxx. 142 Cartes shal folowe for to bryng and arriue the vitailles fro the shippes. a 1533 Ld. Berners Huon lxi. 213 They bare all in to ye shyp, & vytaylles suffycyent. 1555 Eden Decades (Arb.) 77 The vytayles (especially the byskette breade) corrupted by takynge water. 1596 Bp. W. Barlow Three Serm. ii. 47 Among all other, Famine and Dearth of vittails is not the least. 1607 Dekker & Webster Sir T. Wyatt Wks. 1873 III. 103 Good victailes makes good blood. 1616 R. C. Times' Whistle (1871) 85 Which I paide‥, Because they should not think I came to sharke Only for vittailes.

β 1375 Barbour Bruce xv. 92 Schir Eduard gert men gang and se All the vitalis of that cite. c 1425 Wyntoun Cron. viii. 5027 [He] Saw his wictalis war nere gane, And hop of reskew had he nane. 1453–4 Cal. Anc. Rec. Dublin (1889) I. 280 That al maner of viteiloures‥shulde have bene arrested by har bodys‥that byinn of them any vittalis. 1535 Coverdale Ps. cxxxi. 15, I will blesse hir vytales with increase, & wil satisfie hir poore with bred. 1547 Boorde Introd. Knowl. ii. (1870) 127 In the whych is vsed good fashion and good vytales. 1575 G. Harvey Letter-bk. (Camden) 97 Mye miserable Mistrisse‥is oftentymes driven very harde‥for her vittales and lodginge.

γ c 1400 Melayne 1195 He garte dele his vetells then Firste amanges oure wonded men. 1401 in Ellis Orig. Lett. Ser. ii. I. 15 We faylyth vitels and men. Ibid. 16 They mowe have godes and fytelles plente. c 1482 J. Kay tr. Caoursin's Siege of Rhodes ⁋3 Also they lakked vytalles. 1510 Sel. Cases Crt. Star Chamber (Selden) 205 So he toke fro many pore men their vitals to ther grete hurte. 1545 Brinklow Compl. ii. 13 In London and other placys ther be many offended with the great price of vitells. 1599 Dallam in Early Voy. Levant (Hakl. Soc.) 83 We could not gitt any vitels. Ibid. 86 We ever had vitals reddie dreste for 3 dayes.

δ 1554–9 Songs & Ball. Phil. & Mary (Roxb.) 12 And dear cheape of vittels withe the thowe hast brought To the towne. 1556 Chron. Gr. Friars (Camden) 46 With plate, monny, harnes, horse, & wettelles. 1573–80 Tusser Husb. (1878) 98 To thy sheepe go and looke, for dogs will haue vittles. 1606 Sir G. Goosecappe i, Good companions yfaith; I see you come not for vittles. 1621 in Foster Eng. Factories Ind. (1906) I. 271 Wee had great store of fresh victles. c 1645 Tullie Siege of Carlisle (1840) 27 One John Head‥who pretended to fetch vittells out of the Country. 1696 Monthly Mercury VII. 87 We saw‥vast Provision of Vittles and Ammunition. 1731–8 Swift Pol. Conversat. 112, I would rather want Vittles than Elbow-Room. 1838 J. Grant Sk. Lond. 171 You knows that no one can hact well without vittals, and I have not had a mouthful since yesterday. 1844 Dickens Mart. Chuz. ix, Dinner was announced by Bailey junior in these terms,—‘The wittles is up!’ 1892 ‘Q’ (Quiller Couch) I saw Three Ships vi. 106 And so say I, wi' all these vittles cryin' out to be ate.

ε 1523 Cromwell in Merriman Life & Lett. (1902) I. 39 As for victuaylys in our waye we shuld be sure none to fynde. 1560 J. Daus tr. Sleidane's Comm. 452 b, The Frenchemen, to the intent they might have victualles in a readines [etc.]. 1596 Edward III, iv. ii. 4 That neither vituals nor supply of men May come to succour this accursed towne. 1610 Holland Camden's Brit. (1637) 422 Great store of victuals and all things necessary. 1618 in Foster Eng. Factories Ind. (1906) I. 45 When the Bannyans sayle by it they heave vittuals overboard‥as a sacrifice. a 1687 Petty Pol. Arith. (1690) 101 The Wages of a‥Labourer‥is 4s. per week without Victuals. 1727 Swift Gulliver i. vi, I had three hundred cooks to dress my victuals. 1774 Goldsm. Nat. Hist. (1776) III. 299 The young animals‥began to dispute about their victuals, although they were given more than they could use. 1798 C. Smith Yng. Philos. I. 56 She once lost a salt spoon by one of them, whom Master George thought proper to bring to her door for cold victuals. 1840 Hood Up Rhine 218 It seems to me a very odd proceeding for‥a town to lay a tax on the persons who bring it victuals. 1865 Kingsley Herew. xv, There was‥decking of the hall in the best hangings‥; cooking of victuals, broaching of casks.

†b. clerk of the victuals, = the victualler of Calais (see victualler 2 a note). Obs.

c 1570 R. Turpyn in Chron. Calais (Camden) Introd. 18 Havinge ther another offyce of the Quenes Majesty called by the name of Clarke of the Victuals.

†c. at victuals, engaged in eating. Obs.

1681 H. Foulis Hist. Romish Treasons 40 Books read to him whilst he was at Victuals.

†3. pl. a. Animals serving for food. Obs.

c 1550 Disc. Common Weal Eng. ii. (1893) 60 The more husbandrie is occupied, the more vniversall brede should be of all victualles, as of neate, shepe, swyne, gese, eges, butter, and chese. 1641 More's Edw. V, 104 The Pageants were amaking day and night at Westminster, and vitailes killed which afterwards was cast away.

†b. Military stores; munitions of war. Obs.

1653 H. Cogan tr. Pinto's Trav. iv. 10 Moreover he added, that they had great abundance of Victuals, amongst the which there were 12 Basilisks.

4. An article of food. rare.

1558 Bp. Watson Sev. Sacram. ix. 50 This heauenly foode is‥a strong vitale, making vs able to endure the painful iorney to the kingdome of heauen. 1829 Carlyle Misc., German Playwrights (1840) II. 50 The Germans, who instead of a measurable and sufferable spicing of theatric matter,‥have in fact nothing else to live on but that highly unnutritive victual.

5. attrib. and Comb. (chiefly Sc.), as victual-dealer, -house, land-male, -merchant, office, -rent, -scanting adj., silver, stipend, wain.

1496 Acc. Ld. High Treas. Scot. I. 310 Giffin to the skippar of the schip‥for Ȝonk Gherardis mennis fraucht and wittalis siluir, vij li. 1567 J. Maplet Gr. Forest 105 The Female‥espying hir time, when and how she may come to the Lawder or Vittailehouse. 1592 in Reg. Mag. Sig. Scot. (1892) 90/2 The victuall land maillis of Clestrane benorthe the burne. 1593 Nashe Christ's T. Wks. (Grosart) IV. 95 If there were any, that had repining victuall-scanting Maisters tyrannizing neuerthelesse for their work. 1600 Reg. Mag. Sig. Scot. (1890) 354/2 Pro preservatione navium contra tempestates et lie victuell-housis. 1668 in Extr. St. P. rel. Friends iii. (1912) 278 Of late since his Ma[jes]ties imployment has slackn'd at the Victuall Office. 1765–8 Erskine Inst. Law Scot. ii. vi. §40 If the landlord refuse to receive his victual-rent when offered to him in due time. 1801 Farmer's Mag. Jan. 28 The farmer or victual-merchant. Ibid., The profession of the farmer or the victual-dealer. 1818 Scott Hrt. Midl. xlv, There was no knowing how long he might be in paying the next term's victual stipend. 1891 Doyle White Company xix, The rogue got between me and the nearest French victual wain.

Hence victual-less a., destitute of victuals.

1831 Carlyle in Froude First 40 Years (1882) II. 165, I arrived at Liverpool‥quite sleepless, and but for your dinner,‥quite victual-less.
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1 Corinthians 4:8
Now ye are full, now ye are rich, ye have reigned as kings (gods) without us: and I would to God ye did reign, that we also might reign with you. (KJV)

Mr. Scourby reads gods instead of kings. loll, Do I have a bad version ? ? ?
please, check and let me know.
I haven't had any issues like that with the Dramatized KJV. I guess it does depend on how you want to hear it, though.

I know of a Christian who came from Egypt and learned to speak English by listening to Scourby.
1 Corinthians 4:8
Now ye are full, now ye are rich, ye have reigned as kings (gods) without us: and I would to God ye did reign, that we also might reign with you. (KJV)

Mr. Scourby reads gods instead of kings. loll, Do I have a bad version ? ? ?
please, check and let me know.
He does say Gods instead of kings :( At least the KJV text corrects him.