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User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials 1.4
A Series of Mindmaps, Tables, Charts, and Reference Materials

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This much is true. We're all descended from everyone God saved on Noah's ark, and all of the children of those families were descendants of Noah and his wife, with some additional lines brought in by his sons' wives...
Stole the words out of my mouth!
I have Note for the Books of the Bible picture but no text I have both files in my user module but only says back to bookshelf on all entries. Help please.
I don't understand. What topic name are you referring to in the Big Picture module? There are several topics in the module that contain the Bookshelf picture. They all have links to other topics in the module. Are you able to click on a book name in the picture of the bookshelf?

Also, you should see this folder and this file in the SS user module directory. The dates may be different for you.

Thank you. My mistake all working now.
This is wonderful! For a while, this module was no longer working in my copy of Sword Searcher. Now it is!!! Appreciate greatly the detailed instructions for installing this, so I could start over and get it working again. My _index page shows the date 2013-2023! 🥰
I have all three: TreeBP, BPS101, BPT101 Are you saying we can delete one of the BPT101 ?
Please recap for me if you do not mind?
BPS-Assetts 116 images BPT101-Assets 245 images TreeBP-Assetts 77 images
So what you have done is combine the updated version to utilize (existing) folders so as to have 2 separate modules and or to keep resources as is and working with links? This is not anything but gratefulness here, I am wanting to learn and build, you all are so far ahead of me.
You don't need BPT10. The 1.4 version of BPS101 works with TreeBP. If you don't care about Word Clouds producing word trees instead of word searches, you don't need TreeBP. Make sure you have the latest versions of BPS101 and TreeBP if you want the word trees.
OK ..... I'm thinking slowly here...... what about all the images in the BPT101 they are all in the other two modules?
I will delete as you said just curious.
Everything is in BPS101 and TreeBP. They work together through links as needed. You don't need BPT101 or BPT101-Assets.
OK sir ! Since I have had some time to build my first module, it is exciting and your module is full of teaching tips for me.